Specifically, SCPA handled almost 2.4 million TEUs from July 2018 until June, seeing a rise of 8.8% in its yealy TEU container volume. Meanwhile, SCPA transmitted 200,406 TEUs across the Wando Welch and North Charlestoncontainer terminals in June.

According to the Authority's statement, during the port's full year operation, Inland Port Dillon handled 29,580 rail moves in fiscal 2019. Also, Inland Port Greer, now in its sixth year of operation, reported its busiest fiscal year yet with 143,204 rail moves in fiscal 2019, up nearly 22% from the prior year. Inland Port Greer reported 14,689 rail moves last month.

In addition, SCPA handled an overall of 213,081 cruise passengers in fiscal year 2019.

SCPA’s container business had a record-setting fiscal year and our inland ports in Greer and Dillon continue to see record growth year-over-year

... SCPA's President and CEO, Jim Newsome added.

He continued that this achievement is the result of the whole South Carolina maritime community’s dedication.

The Port handled 18,307 vehicles at Columbus Street Terminal in June for a total of 194,771 vehicles in fiscal 2019.

Moreover, SCPA also reported more than 330,000 rail moves in fiscal 2019 through its RapidRail program, which provides a seamless connection between rail yards and marine terminals.

Now, the port handles 24% of containerized volumes by intermodal container rail — the highest annual percentage in Port history.

According to Mr Newsome

The Southeast remains the best place to be in the port business with a growing population to support imports and a strong manufacturing and automotive presence to boost exports.

He concluded that the port's authority expects more development during 2020's fiscal year .