In the coming weeks SOS activity will focus on many issues

2011.7.25-SaveOurSeafarers.gifThe SOS SaveOurSeafarers campaign has been gathering pace. Letters to governments are now up to 17,800, with website visits now standing at 59,660 from 174 countries. Twitter followers have now reached 633, while Facebook followers total 3,630.

SOS is getting an average of six requests a week for pop-up banner artwork. This is great news and shows real support and engagement.

In the coming weeks, SOS activity will focus on the following:

  • Press release re specific UK and Filipino government support for SOS.
  • Letter to heads of corporations about the threat to their business from Somali piracy, and press release about this letter.
  • A short (4-5 minutes) viral film on Somali piracy and the SOS campaign is planned for release via the internet and the social media later this summer.
  • SOS campaign cards to be designed and then printed in high volume for everyone involved with the campaign to hand out.
  • SOS Website is coming up for an overhaul with a harder home page, more focus on human impact, and more images.
  • Website translation into a few key languages is being evaluated on the basis that this will make a huge impact on media pick-up around the globe.
  • All organisations supporting the campaign need active encouragement to send letters via the SOS website - please encourage all your company's employees to send letters. In addition it would help if as many companies as possible could place the SOS logo and weblink on its website - they can get what they need from the SOS website.
  • Hostage stories - SOS will be calling for more hostages and their families to come forward so we have more human interest leverage with the international press. This will be done via social media channels. But if you can help, then please contact SOS.
  • The SOS Steering Group will meet with NATO and EUNAVFOR on 3 August to discuss video material that can be released by the military on to the SOS website.

SOS SaveOurSeafarers is working on behalf of your seafarers.

Please help us to help you by taking an active part in promoting our campaign SOS SaveOurSeafarers

Source : SOS - Save Our Seafarers