The Company remains firm in its belief that the strategy of installing scrubbers will enable the Company to provide a technically proven, environmentally beneficial, commercially attractive and risk mitigating fleet of container vessels to the Liner Operators for their future business development,

...Songa Container said in its Q4 financial results for 2018, where it informed that it entered into the purchase contracts on its fleet on 22 October.

In this regard, much focus will be on the CAPEX program related to the retrofit of exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers). The Company is one of very few tonnage providers in the container feeder segment able to offer the Liner Operators vessels equipped with scrubbers.

Due to the very low penetration of scrubber-fitted container vessels in the feeder segment, the Company expects to have a comparative advantage on its fleet compared to its peers.

Whilst there are still many uncertainties concerning the consequences surrounding the implementation of the IMO 2020 regulation, the Company believes that taking a position to the IMO 2020 regulation by retrofitting scrubbers in a worst case scenario, represents an opportunity to maximize its fleet utilization,

...the company said.