When commercially available, the digital evaluation system will provide projected annual fuel savings accrued by retrofitting any ship with SGSA’s FastRig wingsail technology or by integrating the technology in to a new-build ship design.


By using this systems, the users will be able to quantify potential fuel savings for any ship sailing specific routes at different speeds.

Diane Gilpin, CEO and Founder of Smart Green Shipping Alliance comments

This new digital tool is being designed to be the digital enabler to accelerate the much-needed uptake of wind ships.

Moreover, the tool is a platform consisting of data so that shipowners can analyze the commercial benefit of installing SGSA’s FastRig wingsail technology and also enables parties to negotiate contracts to finance the technology with increased confidence.

Naval architects can also rely on the tool to develop new technologies and vessel designs that make use of wind assist solutions.

According to SGSA, the digital tool will be developed at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Atlas Centre at the Harwell Campus in Oxford, UK, whereas the prototype is planned to be ready by February 2020. Then, the tool will run in the market for trials. By August 2020, SGSA will have completed the comprehensive business plan and established a realistic 10-year roll-out strategy for the digital tool.

Ms Gilpin is a firm supporter of renewable energy as she has stated that 'Renewable energy is a great investment opportunity'.

In 2018, Ms Diane Gilpin provided an interview at SAFETY4SEA's Career Paths column, highlighting the importance of unique thinking and boldness for one to move forward and express their opinion.