The future of the ship is not known

Six crew members from the stranded ship, the Samho Crown, will receive their pending salaries before being repatriated to their home country next week, a spokesperson from the International Tanker Management (ITM) confirmed to Khaleej Times.

Tankship Samho Crown IMO 9081174 by knuthelge

The latest developments come amidst increased pressure from all circles, as the stranded ship remains docked in Port Rashid facing an uncertain future.

"We will clear their salaries and the stranded crew will be sent back next week," the spokesperson said.

The Korean company, Samho Shipping, that owns the Samho Crown ran into financial difficulties following which the ship's management office in Dubai has come under pressure.

"The ship's future is not yet clear but the crew will receive their salaries," added the spokesperson.

Two other vessels of the same company, the Samho Dream and Samho Jasper, are also stranded off the Dubai coast. Last year, Somali pirates were paid the highest-ever ransom for the Samho Dream's release after a seven-month piracy saga in the Indian Ocean. Some 30 members of the crew on board Samho Crown and Samho Dream had already been repatriated.

Source: Khaleez Times