As mentioned in OCIMF’s newsletter, the Vessel Inspection Programme Working Group were asked to consider whether a new, holistic vessel inspection programme could be designed that provides more value to OCIMF members.

The SIRE programme was introduced in 1993 and the only major changes since then have been the introduction of the inspector accreditation programme in 2000 and the expansion in scope to include barges in 2005.

OCIMF acknowledges that the industry has evolved considerably since SIRE’s introduction as new challenges, issues and risks have emerged. For example, today there is much better recognition of how human factors contribute to incidents and maritime risk.

At the meeting, the working group presented a draft Terms of Reference for the project, where it was approved in principle. The working group has now become the Vessel Inspection Programme Steering Group and will set up expert work streams to consider the various aspects involved with vessel inspections.

The 86th  meeting is due to be held in Houston on March 2018, OCIMF announced.