# A green future based on sustainability #

Singapore is well-known for its decarbonization goals; In line with its improved Maritime Singapore Green Initiative (MSGI), Singapore launches new carbon emissions-related incentives that will replace existing sulphur emissions-related ones in the Green Ship Programme and Green Port Programme.

The MSGI programmes will be extended until December 31, 2024.

# LNG bunkering operations #

Singapore is a firm supporter of LNG bunkering operations, now constructing two LNG bunker vessels for ship-to-ship operations from Q3 2020 onwards; In the meantime, Singapore prepares for the first simultaneous operations for LNG bunkering and cargo operations to take place next year.

# Digitalization #

MPA Singapore boosts its digital port connectivity, and informed that by the end of 2019, MPA’s One Stop Document Centre (OSDC) at Tanjong Pagar Complex will be available on the Marinet  website.

In addition, its counters will shut down operations from January 1st 2020, and will has already installed self-service tablets at OSDC for those who need to perform these services online.

# Skilled Maritime Professionals #

MPA collaborated with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Workforce Singapore on the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Sea Transport Professionals. This program helps mid-career local PMETs from either within or outside of the maritime industry to transit and take up new maritime jobs.

Also, MPA's Work-Study Programme focuses on ship-owning, operating and broking, which provides fresh polytechnic graduates with a headstart in their careers related to their discipline of study by acquiring relevant work experience and building on their skills and knowledge acquired in school.

Concluding, MPA's Assistant Chief Executive (Operations) Captain M Segar commented

More ship owners and operators in the industry have begun to look beyond the challenges and opportunities in the horizon with the advent of disruption caused by digitalisation and decarbonisation. MPA will support the transformation of the industry, to position Maritime Singapore to adapt and maintain a competitive edge in today’s global environment.