These special awards are focusing on four specific themes - digital shipping; environmental protection; safety at sea and maritime careers - with the aim of encouraging excellence and innovation and fostering Safe, Smart, Green & Sustainable Shipping.

The online voting process has started at where participants can cast their votes online up to 30rd of September, 2019. The winners will be the ones attracted the most online votes and the results will be announced at the following dates:

  • SMART4SEA – EUROPORT Awards ceremony is due on 5th November with awards on e-navigation, cyber security, initiative, technology and ship operator.
  • GREEN4SEA – EUROPORT Awards ceremony is due on 6th November with awards on energy efficiency, clean shipping, initiative, technology & ship operator
  • SAFETY4SEA – EUROPORT Awards ceremony is due on 7th November with awards on workplace safety, training, initiative, technology & ship operator
  • CAREER4SEA – EUROPORT Awards ceremony is due on 8th November with awards on education, investment in shipping, initiative, women in shipping and new generation.

Nominations shortlisted for the 2019 SAFETY4SEA - EUROPORT Awards include the following organisations per category:



Workplace Safety

  1. Blohm + Voss has been nominated for providing clients with enduring quality, in combination with project, costing and deadline management, through an uncompromising technical excellence and outstanding efficiency in 360-degree solutions.
  2. Damen Shipyards has been nominated for being involved in Safe Tug project, in cooperation with MARIN and several other partners, to improve the safety and efficiency of tug operations in heavy weather conditions. Special focus is given on the design of tugs for enduring even harsher conditions.
  3. Meyer Turku has been nominated for giving a special focus on occupational health and safety inside its facilities and complying with all the legal requirements to maintain the highest level of safety during all operations.
  4. Tallinn Shipyard (Member of BLRT Grupp) has been nominated for emphasizing on every safety aspect, having its own safety service station with modern safety equipment, including advanced life-saving appliances and firefighting systems, as well as qualified staff.
  5. Turku Repair Yard (Member of BLRT Grupp) has been nominated for keeping Europe’s position in global ship dismantling at a high level by focusing at the same time on safety of people working and protection of the environment.


  1. BIMCO Training has been nominated for standing out, within a crowded world of shipping courses, as a world leader for designing and delivering world class training programmes on key maritime topics, where it has a unique know-how as a result from its 110-year experience.
  2. Clyde Marine Training has been nominated for being the largest maritime training organization in UK, managing approximately 1,000 cadets at any time on behalf of numerous shipping companies globally for over 30 years and accounting for a qualified training of 50% of all Merchant Navy Officer Cadets in UK.
  3. CSMART has been nominated for being a world-class training center for safety, sustainability and operational excellence in maritime and featuring the most advanced simulator equipment, technology and instructional tools, which emphasize on critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making.
  4. IMaREST has been nominated for providing world-class maritime training courses, eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), globally, bringing also tailor-made training courses managed by industry leading and independent course lecturers via web-based training.
  5. RelyOn Nutec has been nominated for being at the centre of quality training and e-training services, providing a great variety of choices and specializing in many different areas of safety concern to create a less dangerous industry.


  1. Consilium Marine has been nominated for its Salwico fire and gas detection systems for ships and for the recent launch of its Consilium Common Platform, an advanced technological common platform for fire and gas detection systems, as well as VDRs.
  2. HELM Innovation has been nominated for launching DynaLock, aiming to improve personnel transfer systems onboard. DynaWeb harnesses generative design to achieve precise control of flexibility at every point in the pilot ladder, eliminating human error and taking into account even language barriers onboard.
  3. Hydrotest Systems B.V. has been nominated for developing the high-end HYDROSAFE® sheathed systems with Lloyd’s approval, in order to comply with SOLAS and environmental rules. In HYDROSAFE, leakage from the inner high-pressure pipe is collected by the outer pipe, detected and safely discharged.
  4. VSTEP Simulation has been nominated for pushing the market of innovative training simulators to a new level, with the aim to enhance the industry’s overall training effectiveness and safety, through continuous research and development.

Ship Operator

  1.  Anglo- Eastern has been nominated for setting the bar as a global leading provider of ship management services, building on open and honest dialogue with clients for over 40 years and investing significantly in its people through ongoing education and training.
  2. K- Line Europe Ltd has been nominated for being at the forefront of marine transportation and logistics services, emphasizing heavily on becoming an important infrastructure for global society and striving for sustainability through its services.
  3. Oldendorff Carriers has been nominated for growing into one of the world’s leading dry bulk operators with a special emphasis on safety for cargo transportation, assuring at the same time a quality of service and fast and flexible responsiveness.
  4. Wallem has been nominated for being a leading provider of technology-driven maritime solutions, including asset management, crewing, training, ship management, safety and compliance management and agency services, combining technology and forward-thinking to deliver on safety without compromise.
  5. Zeaborn Ship Management has been nominated for combining the long-standing traditions of former E.R. Schiffahrt and Rickmers Shipmanagement in a fresh and modern spirit and for leading the way for uncompromising customer focus, highest quality standards and tailor-made solutions.


  1. Human Rights at Sea has been nominated for releasing a series of case studies on abandonment of seafarers, aiming to create awareness on human rights and labour abusive practices that crews may encounter worldwide.
  2. InterManager has been nominated for launching a campaign to stimulate everyone in the shipping community to think about dangers associated to enclosed spaces for seafarers and encourage them to create a safer environment for those people working at sea.
  3. Lloyd’s Register has been nominated for its ‘Zero harm’ approach, focusing on significant risks and seeking to understand and address the behavioural triggers, harnessing technology to improve risk control and continually learning from events and experiences.
  4. Sailors Society has been nominated for launching ‘Not on My Watch’ campaign to combat suicide and depression at sea. The campaign calls maritime companies to support the charity's work and to run wellness training for their staff.
  5. TT Club has been nominated for the launch of the ‘Cargo Integrity’ campaign in light of a recent surge in container ship fires, to enhance safety of seafarers. The campaign focuses on correct declaration and handling of dangerous goods.



Energy Efficiency

  1. Bakker Sliedrecht has been nominated for developing a sophisticated powerplant protection system for offshore vessels that work with Dynamic Positioning (DP). This technology leads to 20% decrease of generator running hours, 15% less NOx emissions and 8% less fuel consumption.
  2. DNV GL has been nominated for the launch of the Energy Transition Outlook Maritime - Carbon Robust Ship. DNV GL has developed a carbon-robust model that provides support in designing viable ships that can withstand shifts in regulations, fuel, technology and the market.
  3. Hempel has been nominated for its protective coating solutions. Hempel’s products protect structures and equipment from corrosion, while they also extend asset lifetimes, and reduce maintenance costs.
  4. Jotun has been nominated for supplying paints and coatings that have been specially developed for unique conditions. These paint systems and products aim to protect surfaces in the shipping market.
  5. Renolit-Maritime has been nominated for using film instead of paint to protect vessels from fouling. The film gives the surface of workboats a water-like, smooth surface with the Fluoropolymer layer. Fouling organism can be “washed off” when the vessel is in operation.
  6. We4Sea has been nominated for launching a Data-Driven fuel monitoring solution to remotely measure, manage and report on fuel consumption and related emissions of chartered vessels in real-time, without investing in on-board monitoring equipment.

Clean Shipping

  1. Intertek ShipCare has been nominated for its Total Quality Assurance solutions to industries worldwide. The company is providing Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions for operators and supply chains. Intertek’s expertise can help minimise delays, repairs, losses and other risks to shipping business and operations.
  2. Polyeco Group has been nominated for providing tailored solutions addressing waste management and oil/HNS issues. Polyeco Group also possesses the ability to respond to any size emergency oil or HNS incident as well as process and treat any volume of waste.
  3. Port of Rotterdam has been nominated for its commitment to combating climate change and its willingness to play a leading role in the global energy transition. The reduction of CO2 emissions and efficient use of raw and residual materials are important tasks for the Port.
  4. Samskip has been nominated for the intensive efforts it has made over the last 18 months to support new initiatives in sustainable shipping through research, development, technology implementation and training.
  5. Solberg has been nominated for its unique designs, which allow for easy installation, self-regulation and seal leak prevention. Controlling vented oil mist emissions reduces breather and slipping hazards for a ship’s crew and passengers.  Updates and retrofits are available for a variety of engines and vessel classifications.


  1. Danfoss has been nominated for its Editron marine system, an innovative hybrid electric propulsion which delivers maximum efficiency, reduced size and weight. This sophisticated software controls and optimizes each individual component of an electric or hybrid drivetrain.
  2. Envirocleanse has been nominated for introducing into the marine industry a ballast water treatment solution that disinfects water ballast tanks during the voyage. This aspect is a game changer for the industry as all to date Fully Type Approved ballast water treatment systems must treat at water ballast uptake, whilst the vessel is alongside during cargo operations.
  3. Hydrex Underwater Technology has been nominated for its turnkey underwater repair and maintenance solutions to shipowners wherever and whenever they are needed. The services range from an inspection of an external condition and any required maintenance work, to highly technical major repairs.
  4. MAN Energy Solutions has been nominated for the development of an LPG-fueled engine, using a fraction of the cargo already onboard. MAN Diesel & Turbo expects a strong demand for LGIP engines for VLGCs.
  5. Thordon Bearings Inc. has been nominated for manufacturing high performance, oil and grease-free bearing systems, seals and other shaft line products. Thordon Bearings’ systems offer exceptional wear life, a low coefficient of friction and can be easily machined on site.
  6. Wärtsilä has been nominated for its efforts to promote LNG as a marine fuel. Wärtsilä has launched an LNG Fuel Finder service to allow shipowners and charterers to register their interest in using LNG. In addition, the company has provided various LNG systems throughout the shipping market.

Ship Operator

  1. DFDS has been nominated for installing scrubbers on its freight ferries used in the Mediterranean. The investment aims to ensure compliance with the 2020 sulphur cap. DFDS based this investment decision on the 2015 scrubber strategy for the transition to the 0.1% sulphur content limit.
  2. ESL Shipping has been nominated for being one of the most eco-friendly bulk carriers in the Baltic. ESL Shipping works systematically in order to protect the environment and to improve the energy-efficiency of its fleet. Its vessels cruise speed and fuel economy have been optimized according to prevailing situations.
  3. Hamburg Sud has been nominated for reducing CO2 emissions by 40%, in comparison with 2009. Additionally, from 2016 to 2017, Hamburg Süd also reported a reduction of 2.3% for CO2, 3.7% for nitrogen oxides, 4% for particulate matter and 8% for sulfur dioxide.
  4. Hurtigruten has been nominated for using a byproduct from dead fish and other organic waste to power engines. Renewable biogas is a clean source of energy, which is thought to be one of the most eco-friendly currently available.
  5. NYK Group Europe has been nominated for its Super Eco Ship 2030, which is part of the company’s concept for a more sustainable future. This concept ship is a cooperation with MTI (subsidiary technology institute), Elomatic, and Garroni Progetti S.r.l


  1. BEMA has been nominated for addressing they key challenges of BWMC implementation,  providing design and operational expertise, as well as balance to the numerous perspectives from regulators, ship owner organizations, scientific testing networks, and environmental.
  2. ESPO has been nominated for its Port Environmental Review System (PERS), the only port sector specific environmental management standard which gives ports clear objectives to aim for. A PERS certification is valid for a period of 2 years.
  3. Green Award has been nominated for being a certification and incentive program for shipping, aiming to contribute globally to sustainable waterborne transport. A Green Award certificate is granted to ships that go above and beyond the industry standards.
  4. IHMA has been nominated for striving for uniform, high quality HazMat surveys. As it is setting uniform standards for IHMs, the organization will be of major importance for both ship owners and HazMat professionals.
  5. Maritime LNG Platform has been nominated for creating a cleaner and more sustainable shipping sector through the use of LNG and the significant reduction of emissions, such as SOx, NOx, CO2 and particulate matter.
  6. SEA20 has been nominated for being an international network of the world's foremost Smart and Ecologically-Ambitious marine cities. The initiative is dedicated to the radical transformation of the marine and energy industries into one efficient, and ecologically sound ecosystem.




  1. Alphatron Marine has been nominated for launching the new ‘AlphaPilot MFM Series’, an intelligent system that is scalable from a standalone autopilot up to a full main steering system which has recently received the full EC-type Examination certificate.
  2. Marlink has been nominated for launching the Sealink Global 4G, a service package based on an onboard connectivity kit with options incorporating Wi-Fi antenna, a Global 4G subscription and a subscription to Tampnet, an offshore communication network for North Sea, Gulf of Mexico.
  3. Meteo-Group has been nominated for its Ship Performance Optimization System (SPOS9) which enables captains calculate routes and anticipate weather and sea conditions, resulting to low fuel consumption and emissions.
  4. NAVTOR has been nominated for its innovative NavBox solution with ‘cyber secure’ certification (IEC 61162-460 Gateway) from DNV GL which updates digital charts, publications and navigational data, providing complete regulatory compliance and security.

Cyber Security

  1. Be Cyber Aware at Sea has been nominated for uniting industry stakeholders and raising awareness towards cyber security. The campaign provides free resources such as downloadable posters, ‘Phish & Ships’ newsletter and useful daily updates via all social media channels.
  2. DNV GL has been nominated for its first-class notations for cyber security, that help owners and operators protect vital systems from cyber security threats, offering a framework to improve and demonstrate their cyber resilience.
  3. GTMaritime has been nominated for its GTMailPlus, a maritime email solution which safeguards vessels by proactively filtering mail traffic at one of GTMaritime’s shore-based gateways before it is transmitted to the ship. This forms a frontline defense against the rising tide of cyber-attacks.
  4.  IACS has been nominated for launching 12 recommendations on cyber safety, with the aim to provide industry with guidance on how to develop and maintain the cyber integrity of vessels, to enable the delivery of cyber resilient ships.


  1. Becker Marine Systems has been nominated for the Becker LNG PowerPac®, which is the first operation of two prototypes units of the mobile shore power solution at HHLA’s container terminal in Hamburg. Combined, the two units generate three megawatts of clean energy.
  2. Bureau Veritas has been nominated for applying a 3D classification process to a naval vessel, for the first time. The process uses a 3D model to exchange digital information, improve collaboration and reduce the number of iterations in the classification design review process for approving a design.
  3. MARINELEC Technologies has been nominated for developing MANAGER, a system that integrates, centralizes and displays in real time different essential systems of the bridge on only one display touch screen, providing comfort and enhanced safety on board.
  4. has been nominated for its MedAssist Live Application which brings a virtual doctor onboard, using 2-Way-Augmented-Reality (TWAR) Technology, enabling the ship’s crew working right next to the virtual doctor, helping a crewmember who needs medical care.
  5. RAMLAB has been nominated for the first 3D ship propeller, a collaboration between Promarin, Autodesk, BV, Damen, which enables RAMLAB pursue faster fabrication options, saving time and money without sacrificing precision or performance.

Ship Operator

  1. Carnival Corporation has been nominated for developing SkillGrader, an application for mariner skills assessment, in cooperation with Marine Learning Systems, aiming to standardize training and assessment.
  2. Columbia Shipmanagement has been nominated for its Performance Optimization Control Room, in collaboration with Tototheo. The Control Room will be manned 24/7 by qualified personnel who will optimize vessel safety, crew rotation and training, performance.
  3. Mitsui OSK Lines has been nominated for its R&D on Autonomous Ocean Transport System, on developing a technological concept for autonomous ocean transport systems, in partnership with Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
  4. NYK Group Europe has been nominated for testing IoT platform in collaboration with MTI, NTT, and NTT Data. The test involved the use of SIMS (Ship Information Management System) which collects, monitors and shares detailed data between the ship and shore.


  1. Danish Maritime Authority has been nominated for its Blue Denmark initiative which focuses on autonomous shipping in the shipping industry with the aim to increase productivity, make logistics easier and enhance safety at sea.
  2. HEMEXPO has been nominated for presenting Smart Ship Solutions in the shipping industry tailored to meet the needs of shipowners and shipyards. HEMEXPO brings together organizations that share a common innovative vision towards a safer shipping.
  3. Insurwave has been nominated for providing the first blockchain platform to support marine hull insurance. Global businesses will use the platform to transform how they manage risk across their organization and how they work with brokers and re-insurers.
  4. Massterly AS, a joint venture by Wilhelmson and Kongsberg, has been nominated for being the first autonomous shipping company that offers services for the customers’ entire value chain for autonomous ships.
  5. Open Simulation Platform has been nominated for creating an ecosystem where the maritime industry can perform co-simulation and share simulation models in an efficient and secure way to facilitate building of digital twin systems and vessels.




  1. Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) has been nominated for offering maritime education, doctoral programme and application-oriented research. With its Digital Innovation Lab, HSBA has also created a platform to strengthen competitiveness in the age of digital era.
  2. Netherlands Maritime University has been nominated for offering a unique Master of Science Shipping and Transport in a part-time and a full-time program and the business course Anatomy of Shipping and Transport, to fullfil the need for management professionals in the maritime industry.
  3. TU Delft has been nominated for providing research and education on Maritime and Transport Technology to develop, design, build and operate marine, dredging and transport systems and their equipment toward a more efficient and safer transport.
  4. Warsash Maritime Academy has been nominated for providing UK’s largest and most sophisticated maritime simulation centre, situated at Solent University’s main campus in Southampton and equipped with latest simulators, offering dynamic and useful maritime training courses.
  5. World Maritime University has been nominated for enhancing the objectives and goals of IMO and IMO member States around the world through education, research, and capacity building to ensure safe, secure, and efficient shipping on clean oceans.

 Investment in Shipping

  1. Anglo- Eastern has been nominated for investing in knowledge and expertise with the launch of dedicated maritime academy and training centres in India, Philippines, China and Ukraine to support the career goals of its cadets and seafarers as they pursue further qualifications.
  2. Carnival Corporation has been nominated for providing a positive work environment and opportunities to build a rewarding career within the maritime industry, offering a broad range of career opportunities, a supportive culture, rewards, diversity and inclusion.
  3. KVNR has been nominated for representing shipping companies involved in merchant shipping and sea towage, to bring those companies together in order to protect and promote their common interests on a national, European and global level.
  4. V. Group Ltd has been nominated for adding value to vessel's operations, covering crew management and recruitment, quality ship management and technical services, together with supporting management and commercial services.


  1. Careers At Sea, part of the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB), has been nominated for supporting newly qualified officers seeking their first role at sea as well as existing seafarers looking to develop and progress their career both at sea and ashore.
  2. Rotterdam Maritime Capital has been nominated for developing its people’s intellectual powers with sector-oriented educational & training courses and research centres at all levels. Rotterdam acknowledges that the success of considered as Europe’s maritime capital depends on its people.
  3. ISWAN has been nominated for launching a training package on Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing which focuses on the positive things seafarers can do to help themselves and their fellow crew members deal better with the challenges of life on board.
  4. PortXL, the first Port & Maritime Accelerator to be established in the world, has been nominated for its annual innovation programme, which focuses on creating tangible business value for maritime startups who are serious about building their business.
  5. SEA FOCUS has been nominated for its #IntelligentHunt project which sources talented students universities all over Europe, professional mentors with long and wide industry and service experience and matches them with the Case Companies in a real business case assignments.

Women in Shipping

  1. IAPH has been nominated for launching the ‘Women in Ports Mentoring Program’, a pilot programme and a specifically designed fit for purpose mentoring software tool that creates and matches mentors and mentees, provides resources, education, training and tools to enhance diversity.
  2. Maritime UK has been nominated for launching the ‘Women in Maritime Pledge’, a forerunner to the Women in Maritime Charter. Signatories to the pledge are making clear their support for creating positive change within their respective organisations, and collectively, across the UK maritime sector.
  3. WISTA has been nominated for supporting the role of women within the maritime industry through many activities and initiatives. Namely, WISTA International serves as a connector for its network of more than 3,000 female professionals from all sectors of the maritime industry.