The online voting process has started at where participants can cast their votes online up to 16th of February. The winners will be the ones attracted the most online votes and the results will be announced during a prestigious award ceremony, on Tuesday night 6th of March, at Yacht Club of Greece, Piraeus, on the night before the 2018 GREEN4SEA Conference.

The 2018 GREEN4SEA Conference will take place on Wednesday, 7th of March at the Lighthouse at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC). Full details of the event are available at     

Nominations shortlisted for the 2018 GREEN4SEA Awards include the following organisations per category:


GREEN4SEA Dry Bulk Operator Award

  • Carisbrooke Shipping has been nominated for investing in a dynamic green fleet based on the ‘Green Ship Project’ design which features the distinctive Groot Cross Bow to reduce pitching and increase hydrodynamic efficiency as well as other features towards sustainable shipping.
  • Fednav has been nominated for focusing on environmental protection by implementing enhanced sustainable strategies and initiatives, being the first shipping company in Canada to make its environmental policy available online, and a founding participant of Green Marine environmental program covering Canada and the US.
  • OOCL has been nominated for its proven concern for the environment by implementing various important initiatives on environmental care which contribute to the success and development of company’s sustainability profile and the reduction of its carbon footprint in the supply chain. 
  • Polaris Shipping has been nominated for focusing on sustainable practices by expanding its know-how into energy infrastructure business such as floating power plant and LNG bunkering terminal and investing in green VLOCs, designed as eco-friendly ships with a LNG Ready design to meet environmental regulations.
  • V. Ships has been nominated for its continuous efforts towards environmental compliance with the implementation of green shipping practices to reduce environmental footprint, strengthening its reputation for high quality new build supervision and ship management of dry bulk vessels.


GREEN4SEA Tanker Operator Award

  • AET Tankers has been nominated for its powerful green agenda including investment in LNG as a marine fuel for 2020 compliance and in others environmental measures on its ships that operate SOx scrubbers, utilize BWTS and Volatile Organic Compound management systems.
  • Prime Marine has been nominated for its various initiatives towards GHG emissions reductions, becoming the first shipping company globally that received from ABS the Assessment letter of a Monitoring Plan for Compliance with the EU MRV Regulation, prepared for vessel M/T Emerald Shiner.
  • SCF Group has been nominated for its ice-class LNG carrier ‘Christophe de Margerie’ which made its maiden voyage through the Northern Sea Route in Aug. 2017, being the first out of 15 ice-class tankers to transport gas from the Yamal LNG plant in the Russian Arctic, each with the capacity of 170,000 cubic meters of LNG.
  • Teekay has been nominated for expanding its fleet with newbuilding orders based on the company’s new Shuttle Spirit design, including fuel efficiency, emissions reduction and LNG propulsion technology and setting new standards for both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Waterfront Shipping has been nominated for featuring the world’s first methanol-fueled vessels. The seven 50,000 dead weight tonne methanol tankers are powered by two-stroke dual-fuel engines capable of running on methanol, fuel oil, marine diesel oil or gas oil.


GREEN4SEA Clean Shipping Award

  • CMA CGM Group has been nominated for its decision to equip nine future ships of 22,000 TEUs, delivered in 2020, with engines using liquefied natural gas, to comply with the to 0.5% sulphur cap limit in 2020 and the Paris Agreement.
  • Ecoslops has been nominated for creating the first innovative micro-refining technology (P2R unit) that sustainably treats and transforms oil residues from slops and sludges into new fuels and light bitumen for use in the waterproofing industry. The unit recycles over 98% of the hydrocarbon residue collected.
  • Green Ship of the Future has been nominated for created a collaborative platform, to facilitate innovation and co-operation across the maritime value chain. Over the past 2.5 years, 50 companies have joined GSF. The members in GSF have participated in a number of very diverse projects, all exploring different roads to emission reductions.
  • Project Forward has been nominated for promoting the adoption of LNG as a marine fuel , suggesting the design of a Kamsarmax size bulk carrier which reduces the cost of transportation at sea, modernizes the shipping industry and defines the new standard of vessel for IMO's 2020 emission rules.
  • Vision of the Fjords has been nominated for setting the example towards a greener future in the maritime sector, supporting hybrid technology. The Norwegian futuristic vessel is equipped with battery technology and features a special hull designed to minimize wake and thus reduce impact erosion on fjords’ vulnerable shoreline.


GREEN4SEA Initiative Award

  • Ambition 1.5oC – Global Shipping‘s Action Plan Summit has been nominated for representing the shipping industry in COP23 discussing an ambitious action plan for the industry to drive the decarbonization agenda with a business-focused approach to meet the climate goals of Paris agreement.
  • Bunkering at Sea has been nominated for providing an integrated web-based platform in its field with the aim to provide innovative and optimal network solutions for bunkering through several types of electronic auctions, operating in a secure electronic environment to minimize the time required for ordering or offering bunkers.
  • Elemed has been nominated for preparing the ground for the introduction of cold ironing, electric bunkering and hybrid ships across the Eastern Mediterranean Sea corridor. The EU project involves three member states -Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia- forming a strong consortium, comprised by a team of experts.
  • NAMEPA has been nominated for continuously introducing initiatives, promoting sustainable best practices and educating all stakeholders towards the protection of global ocean, lake and river resources. It regularly convenes industry, regulators, conservation groups and educators to discuss strategies to protect marine environment. 
  • WLPGA, World LPG Association has been nominated for developing the “LPG for Marine Engines - The Marine Alternative Fuel“ report with the aim to promote the wider use of LPG as a cleaner engine fuel in the marine sector.  It introduces LPG and the major benefits it offers towards green shipping.


GREEN4SEA Technology Award

  • Alfa Laval has been nominated for its USCG type-approved PureBallast 3.1 BWTS, which provide the same performance in fresh, brackish and marine water, including full-flow operation in IMO-regulated waters where the UV transmittance is as low as 42 percent.
  • Becker Marine Systems has been nominated for combining rudder, propeller and/or energy saving device (MD®) curtailing both consumption and emissions. Their contract record of BMS is of the order of 7000 rudders and 1300 MD® which leads to considerably high emission saving figures.
  • Chelsea Technologies Group has been nominated for its FastBallast Compliance Monitoring System which is capable of monitoring ballast water when operating in a continuous, flow-through mode, while providing a high degree of accuracy with a representative report on discharge compliance.
  • GTT has been nominated for offering breakthrough LNG tanks featuring the ‘Mark III membrane system’ which  is a cryogenic liner directly supported by the ship’s inner hull that reduces the daily guaranteed Boil-Off gas rate to 0.085% of tank volume.
  • Thordon Bearings has been nominated for its COMPAC water lubricated propeller shaft bearing system which requires no oil lubrication, as seawater replaces oil as the lubricating medium. Thordon’s belief is that seawater shaft lubrication systems provide the only guarantee of zero environmental impact from the propeller shaft.


GREEN4SEA Port Award

  • Port of Gothenburg has been nominated for making sustainability an integral part of its operations as a whole. Since 2015, Gothenburg Port Authority has been a climate-neutral company. By investing in solar panels, biogas and district heating and other environmental measures, emissions have been reduced to a minimum.
  • Port of Piraeus has been nominated for its continuous efforts to preserve the environment and reduce the impact of port activities. The measurement of gaseous pollutants in the Central Harbour, the construction of noise barriers, implementation of all national and EU regulations on environmental protection, fall under this policy.
  • Port of Rotterdam has been nominated for fostering numerous sustainable practices that go beyond the environmental protection, ensuring also that the port and the surrounding area are safe, healthy and attractive, focusing on water safety, solar power and the Port Welfare Committee.
  • Port of Singapore has been nominated for focusing on four key areas for port development: Safe and Secure Port, Efficient Port, Intelligent Port, and Clean and Sustainable Port. MPA Singapore continues encouraging the use of LNG as a marine fuel in Singapore and has made the use of MFM mandatory.
  • Port of Vancouver has been nominated for its Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation (ECHO) Program, an initiative aimed at better understanding and managing the impact of shipping activities on at-risk whales throughout the southern coast of British Columbia.


GREEN4SEA Personality & Leadership Awards

There are no nominees shortlisted for this Award. After consideration and review of a list of “Editor’s Pick” nominees, the SAFETY4SEA Team will announce the winners on the night of the awards presentation. These are special category awards for any individual person that provided industry leadership and contributed towards smarter shipping throughout his/her career.