The remarks were made in a new open letter regarding the COVID-19 situation for cargo business of Geneva-based giant Mediterranean Shipping Company.

As an essential cog for global trade it is imperative that we, together with our customers, keep the world moving despite the difficult operating conditions we are all experiencing. Maintaining our usual close contact and close relationships with our customers is key to this. We consider it our duty to continue to deliver our usual high level of service, by linking the oceans, roads and railways of the world,

…he said.

The company has implemented new solutions and innovating to adapt to the current challenging environment.

One of them is the new Suspension of Transit programme that uses some of the world’s leading transshipment hubs as advance storage posts to help shippers begin moving goods early in anticipation of a resumption in demand.

In Italy, one of the worst affected countries, MSC converted a passenger ferry vessel from Grandi Navi Veloci, part of the MSC Group, into a floating hospital for victims of COVID-19.

We trust that the robust health protection measures we have implemented across our ships, infrastructure and offices have been effective and these will remain in place as long as necessary.