Elliott Gotkine, Director of Communications,Windward, commented

The maritime industry can potentially become safer, cleaner, more secure and efficient. But it depends on whether leaders understand the risks and rewards that new technologies represent and adopt a new technological mindset.

According to the Forum, autonomous vessels will boost crew and fuel saving, as well as maintenance in the future.

In addition, maritime security is another 'hot' issue; Technology by using satellite data, ship ownership, vessel activities and beyond, play a significant role in understanding when a vessel is under illegal operations, as trafficking arms, people or drugs. However, due to technology development, transponders, as AIS, can be manipulated.

Concluding, the technological highlights is the efficiency of supply chains. For instance, Nautilus Labs raised $11M in a Microsoft-led funding round to further develop AI to help fleet operators reduce fuel consumption and optimize performance – reducing costs and emissions.