CSA 2020 aims to inform the industry, relevant authorities, organizations and the public about the environmental benefits of scrubbers.


The members of CSA 2020 include Cargill, DHT Holdings, Navig8 Group, Eastern Pacific Shipping, Eagle Bulk Shipping, Frontline, Golden Ocean Group Limited, Blystad Group, Hunter Group ASA, Spliethoff, Star Bulk Carriers, Carnival Corporation, Grimaldi Group, Okeanis Eco Tankers, Oldendorff Carriers, Safe Bulkers, Torm and Trafigura.

All the CSA 2020 members have invested in scrubbers to limit harmful air emissions, and are supporting the IMO's 2020 upcoming regulation.

According to CSA 2020, scrubbers can make an important difference to the ports and ocean environments where their ships operate and promote global environmental progress as well.

The launch of CSA 2020 came at a time where a lot of controversion is taking place regarding scrubbers. Namely, recently Dragos Rauta, Technical Director at Intertanko, explained that as far as scrubbers are concerned, they will last for no more than 10 years 'because the high acidity of the wash-water is a challenge for the integrity of the installation. There will still be some impact on the environment that will not go unnoticed.'