Appomattox, with an expected production of 175,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), is the first commercial discovery that is brought into production in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico Norphlet formation.


By using enhanced development planning, better designs and fabrication, and expert drilling execution, Appomattox has achieved cost reductions of over 40% since taking final investment decision in 2015.

Shell also said that the start of production at Appomattox is only the beginning of further maximising the flow of resources in the Norphlet surrounding Appomattox.

That Appomattox was safely brought online ahead of schedule and far under budget is a testament to our ongoing commitment to drive down costs through efficiency improvements during execution. Appomattox creates a core long-term hub for Shell in the Norphlet through which we can tie back several already discovered fields as well as future discoveries

said Andy Brown, Upstream Director, Royal Dutch Shell.