Increase on fatal ship accidents at the Mombasa port

Mombasa-PortThe Seafarers Union of Kenya has condemned increased ships accidents docked at the Mombasa port and at the container terminals.

According to the STAR, SUK secretary general Andrew Mwangura stated that there is an average of 50 accidents at the port everyday and he called for review of health and safety services at the port.

Mwangura said they have lost more than 1,100 workers between 1983 and 2013. More than 300 have been seriously injured while working on board sea vessels.

Mwangura also said the KPA safety department should work closely with the Operations Department and the Commercial Department.

The most recent fatal incident occured on October 30, aboard German flagged ship, MV Zella Oldendorf where a day worker lost his life following a fatal accident while in the line of duty at berth number 11.

All accidents are the result of rogue ship contractors' working practices and the lack of training for their day-workers who are inexperienced and untrained.

"The value of life within the port area is considered to be very low, that is why you seldom hear about these cases," he told atthe STAR

He concluded that there is need of safety culture, equipment maintenance culture and good customer service within KPA.