Specifically, Claes Möller, the Fleet manager at Tärntank Ship Management, is the one who optimizes the daily operations.

According to him, STM provides the technology, but the industry processes also need to change. The standard contracts need to change.

Tärntank has also been a part in STM validation project and it was natural for Tärntank to join the BIMCO STM clause group.

The result is a new STM clause available for standard contracts that stipulates how savings are split between actors.


STM will be one of the main tools in the digitalization of the whole shipping industry.

The multiple services provided and standards matches the needs of a global industry, that needs to take big steps towards improved efficiency.

By eliminating the waiting times at ports, the whole transport chain and sail could have more load.

In general, the STM Validation Project will launch a new service aiming to reduce crew workload and minimize the risks of accidents and misunderstanding.

The Baltic Navigational Warning Service will send navigational warnings directly to the on-board ECDIS via digital communication.

Concluding, STM Validation project received the SMART4SEA Innovation Award in 2017.