May the option of the installation of scrubbers can be an attractive economic choice, its waste needs to be removed. Although, the Port of Rotterdam announced that the scrubber removal collection is already under control. With the aid of seven experienced companies with the equipment and knowledge to collect and remove the scrubber waste, the port has successfully accomplished the removal.

The seven companies are the following: CIMS, DTC, Martens, SWOC, Jongen, Renewi and Nature Group which had started offering for this service about two years ago.

Our clients, including CMA-CGM, DFDS and MSC, asked for this. As the Netherlands’ biggest maritime waste collector, we thought this was a good match for our services, which is why we were keen to offer this.

...said the CEO of Nature Group, Andreas Drenthen.

Concluding, later this month the Port of Rotterdam apart from its successfully scrubber waste removal, has announced its trials for a digital service providing application-based advice on public berths, while it has adopted a revised vision for sustainable growth.