The attack took place as the tanker was sailing about 90 nautical miles southeast of Yemen's Nishtun port towards the Gulf of Aden on Tuesday.

As informed, four boats attacked the ship, with one of the remotely controlled vessels attempting to explode it, coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki told the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The statement did not say who was behind the attack or give details about the oil tanker.

"The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will continue to implement all necessary measures and procedures to neutralise and eliminate any naval threats," al-Malki noted.

Yemen lies along the Bab al-Mandeb Strait at the southern mouth of the Red Sea, constituting a chokepoint for oil transfer from the Middle East to Europe.

Recently, the RMI issued recommendations for ships sailing on the Red Sea, Bab el Mandeb Strait, and Gulf of Aden.

Vessels are advised to review security assessments and plans, ensure AIS and LRIT is always transmitting (except in extraordinary circumstances, consistent with SOLAS), and monitor VHF Channel 16.

  1. Due to the ongoing conflict in Yemen, RMI flagged vessels transiting the Southern Red Sea, Bal el Mandeb, or Gulf of Aden should operate under a heightened state of alert due to the potential for direct or collateral damage. These threats may come from a variety of different sources including, but not limited to, missiles, projectiles, mines, small arms, or waterborne improvised explosive devices.
  2. RMI flagged vessels are advised to avoid entering or loitering near Yemen's Red Sea ports. Vessels at anchor, operating in restricted maneuvering environments, or proceeding at slow speeds should be especially vigilant.
  3. Conduct a pre-voyage risk assessment and incorporate appropriate protective measures into the Ship Security Plan.
  4. BMP5 and the Maritime Global Security website should be consulted prior to operating in the above listed geographic areas.
  5. The International Maritime Security Construct (IMSC) aims to maintain freedom of navigation, international law, and free flow of commerce to support stability and security of the maritime commons in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman, and the Bab el Mandeb.