Samsung Heavy Industries leaves the heavy lifting of its infrastructure to AWS, the world’s leading cloud, so that its team can rapidly innovate on its autonomous shipping platform, a system that enables self-piloting of large container ships, LNG carriers, and floating production systems. Samsung Heavy Industries will continue to expand its smart shipping capabilities using the breadth and depth of AWS’s services, including machine learning, augmented reality and virtual reality, analytics, databases, compute, and storage.

AWS enabled Samsung Heavy Industries to build a big data analytics ship navigation system, as well as machine learning services, to provide real-time alerts to customers about the condition of their ships. The company also uses Amazon Sumerian to create a virtual replica of the ship cockpit for land-based training and simulations.

In addition, the system supports SHI to build an information security management system to respond to cyber threats and is able to provide a highly scalable, secure environment for smart ship technology development, becoming the first Korean smart ship maker to meet compliance requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

We’re digitizing our shipping fleet by using the most advanced technologies in the world to enhance our approaches to shipbuilding, operations, and delivery...

...stated Dongyeon Lee, Director of Ship & Offshore Performance Research Center at Samsung Heavy Industries.

We’re excited to be fueling Samsung Heavy Industries’ digital transformation, providing them with the services and expertise to rapidly innovate on behalf of their maritime customers and establish a cloud-first strategy on AWS. Their autonomous and smart shipping systems built on AWS will not only enhance their competitive edge, but also bring significant advances to the worldwide shipping industry,

...added Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS.