USCG is the leader of the investigation to conclude what led to the capsize of the South Korean ship Golden Ray, after the ship left the Port of Brunswick.

Because of the accident, the vessel's pilot and 23 crew members were rescued, while four of the crew were trapped for 36 hours before being rescued.

Commenting on the operation John Maddox, State On Scene Coordinator said that there are about 160 local, state and federal responders in the scene to protect public health and the environment.

In addition, specialists are currently monitoring air quality around the vessel and its surrounding areas, and luckily by now no impacts on air quality have been found.

What is more, response teams are scanning several shorelines in order to identify environmental impacts and make sure that boom is efficiently used.

Moreover, commercial traffic in the Port of Brunswick now continues on a case by case basis.

Finally, response teams are on site in order to identify environmental impacts because of heavy weather in the area, aiming to ensure the effectiveness of current strategies.