SAFETY4SEA ESG Climate Survey: What tops the ESG Agenda in shipping?

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and in the shipping world, it may be translated into sustainability practices within the business model. ESG strategy and tactics should identify the fine balance towards maximizing overall stakeholder satisfaction, the fine balance between internal and external stakeholders needs, financial performance, social interests and the environment. The fine balance that will ensure sustainable shipping for both the organization and the industry.

Lately, the ESG have surfaced the agenda of several stakeholders in the maritime community with many players announcing ESG initiatives and reshaping their strategy via ESG lens. In this context, SAFETY4SEA is pleased to launch the ‘ESG Climate Survey’ which will run within Q1/Q2 of 2022 with the aim to examine factors around industry’s perception about the ESG challenges and provide a picture of how shipping responds to the new ESG trends and challenging requirements, by shaping their agenda.

The ESG journey requires commitment beyond compliance. Developing a successful ESG strategy, that will provide for impactful ESG performance and reporting is the next crucial step for all maritime stakeholders.

Having said that, acknowledging that your opinion matters, we would highly appreciate your less than 4-minute feedback in our ESG Climate Survey by clicking at