In fact, Britannia P&I Club along with its People Risks claims department collaborated for the development of the "BSafe" campaign.

The initiative shares relevant, useful and practical material to support various aspects of onboard operations.

The main purpose of BSafe is to support seafarers through a dedicated website providing best practice information and the latest thinking on onboard safety and security.

Being safe is not just about safety. It’s also about being healthy and secure, factors which are fundamental to people’s wellbeing and efficiency. the club stated.

Additionally, the campaign pays attention on three major aspects: onboard safety, seafarer health and onboard security.

Reflecting and learning from previous events is widely acknowledged as an effective way of positively influencing behaviours. One of the key aims of BSafe is to encourage seafarers to reflect on various safety, security and health matters and how these relate to their own situation.

...Britannia Club added.

In light of the above, the club will be producing a monthly BSafe Incident Case Study based on real accidents or claims.

Namely, each case study will be supported with specially developed reflective learning aids which can be used by the Club’s Members or their crew to support, for example, onboard safety meetings and crew seminars, or however they see fit.

The aim of BSafe is simple, to help our Members’ Seafarers to be healthy, to be secure and to BSafe. Is an ongoing campaign and we will be launching further material and specific initiatives during the next year with the clear aim of supporting seafarers.

....Andrew Cutler, CEO of Tindall Riley (Britannia) Limited, concluded.