Accordingly, Standard Club highlights that

  • On board quarantine inspections on ships from Russia or other high-risk countries.
  • Owners are required to report to the quarantine authorities any crew member that disembarked the ship within the previous 14 days and any crew with symptoms. Failure to report crew with symptoms may result in the ship being denied entry or fined.
  • All crew members on board ships coming from Russia or other high risk countries are required to submit a certificate showing that they have been tested for COVID-19 within 48 hours prior to departure at a testing centre approved by the relevant South Korean embassies. If the requirement for submitting a negative COVID-19 to the Korean Authorities is not met, all crew members will need to undergo a test upon arrival to Korea and the ship’s operations will be suspended until the results are received.

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COVID-19 requirements for ships departing from Russia and COVID-19 high-risk countries to South Korea