In Durban this week, Mr. Mbalula addressed fears regarding the implementation of the 2020 sulphur cap, stating categorically that the necessary legislation will be in place by year end 2019.

“It [the legislation] will be in place. We’ve taken the matter up to Cabinet and from Cabinet it will undergo the processes of public participation and before the end of the year we should be able to make those deadlines.”

He also also talked about other maritime sector related issues, including current moves to prioritise the creation of coastal shipping in South Africa as a key development and wider participation tool to advance sectoral economic growth.



Moreover, Mr. Mbalula highlighted the country’s choice of the city of Durban as next year’s host venue for the country’s inaugural staging of the IMO’s annual World Maritime Day Parallel Event. He specifically described the IMO event in the country next year as "an ideal opportunity that will allow South Africa to showcase its maritime capabilities to both Africa and the rest of the maritime world."

Finally, Mr. Mbalula added that South Africa must hurry to not only generate ideas, but also ensure that they are followed up and implemented in a sustainable way.

"The key issue for integrated development and trade in the continent was ports and rail infrastructure which he described as reputably poorly maintained leading to gross inefficiencies."