As Mr. Putin said, in September last year the first production facilities were put into operation, with Rosneft having commissioned the construction of four supply vessels for the reinforced ice class, this autumn.

In order for the smooth operations to continue, the Russian President called on other companies to cooperate with Rosneft during this attempt, as a project like this is crucial for the Russian shipping industry.

Furthermore, Vladimir Putin spoke about an other key issue: the vessels flying the Russian flag with the exclusive right to transport and store hydrocarbons in the area of ​​the Northern Sea Route. 

This exclusive right has the ability to increase the volume of shipping, as well as strengthening local shipping companies and creating additional opportunities to upgrade their fleet.

This regulation is now being considered in the Russian State Duma and is expected that it will be adopted soon. 

Finally, the exclusive right to ships flying the Russian flags is proposed to be expanded to other  marine areas in Russia, as well, Vladimir Putin concluded.

At the time speaking the Yamal LNG project is being constructed in the Northern Sea Route.

Novatek's YAMAL LNG is an integrated project encompassing natural gas production, liquefaction and shipping. The Project consists of construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant with an output capacity of around 16.5 million tons per year, using the South Tambey Field as a resource base. The field’s proven and probable reserves, by PRMS standards, are estimated at 926 billion cubic meters. Extensive transportation infrastructure is being built in the scope of the Project, including a sea port and the Sabetta Airport.