Specifically, Minister Borisov added that Russia holds the data needed to support its claims in the area.

During the meeting, Nikolay Yevmenov, Head Commander of the Russian Navy also participated, commenting that

The assembled materials allow us to build a clear and detailed model of the Arctic sea bottom’s contours.

In light of the new data acquired, a bathymetric map has been made that with a high level of precision outlines, classifies and defines the main characteristics of the underwater landscapes.

The data collected are based on more than half a century of scientific work, and were gathered by the Navy along with the Ministry of Natural Resources. The latest data were acquired in 2019, when the research vessel Akademik Fyodorov has sailed more than 5,600 miles and conducted complex studies that are fully in line with the requirements of the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf.

In the meantime, the data that Russia has submitted are overlapping with claims submitted by Denmark and Canada, something that doen

Overall, Russia aspires to acquire a dominant place in the Arctic, as it is also showed from its aspirations on attracting more shippers to transmit their products through the NSR, competing with Suez.