The Black Bear Carbon has been looking in various locations in the Netherlands to locate its new tire-carbonization plant. The plant will decompose granulate from end-of life tires into carbon black, pyrolysis oil and gas.

Silvio Ghyoot, CEO of Black Bear Carbon commented

Port of Rotterdam shows great appetite to facilitate our next plant and has a significant potential for optimization and synergy of our technology within the Rotterdam industrial complex.

In the following weeks, the port will cooperate with the company to assess the technical and financial details of the cooperation and launch of the project. The plans are to be confirmed in December and then both partners will proceed to the development of the ‘Recovered Carbon Black Nederland’ project in Rotterdam.

In light of the project, Allard Castelein, CEO Port of Rotterdam Authority stated

... To bring our port and industrial complex in line with the Paris Climate Treaty we have to move towards circular production processes. Black Bear Carbon has a good fit with the existing chemical industry in Rotterdam.

Many are the firms that locate their business at the port; For instance, 'Hydroports' announced the development of a hydrogen cluster, located in the north-west of the Netherlands, that will focus on energy transition and boost the role of green hydrogen in the shipping industry, as the Port of Rotterdam had announced that Europe's biggest hydrogen plant will be constructed in the area.