The Equipment Health Management System (EHMS) will collect and analyse data from the MTU engines, ZF transmission systems and other key components on a vessel, analyzing additional factors, like wind, waves and currents.


From 2021, the system will make sure that fleet managers are able to operate their fleets as efficiently and as environmentally friendly as possible, and will enable them to monitor and align that in real time.

FRS Helgoline GmbH & Co. KG.  is very interested in participating in the development of the new electronic monitoring system from Rolls-Royce and ZF to meet its own requirements. FRS attributes significant priority to the availability of vessels and their efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

The next steps will be to establish an interface from the ZF transmission systems to the Equipment Health Management System, collect data from the various components of the powertrain on the Halunder Jet and then analyse the data obtained.

Interim results will be repeatedly examined by the customer in order to determine to what extent they meet requirements.

The large number of vessels, the variety of vessel types operated and their areas of operation make the FRS fleet particularly interesting for the development project, as it enables us to develop a product designed specifically to meet the demands of a large fleet operator

explains Bartosz Kowalinski, project manager at the Power Systems business unit of Rolls-Royce.