Namely, the autonomous ferry is an example of the innovations that will follow in the future concerning the maritime industry. Moreover, SVAN is a collaboration agreement to develop strategies and solutions to improve safety and efficiency of marine operations by developing the technology for decision supporting systems and to demonstrate remote and autonomous ferry operations.


According to Mikael Mäkinen, President - Marine, Rolls-Royce, the autonomous ferry is a giant leap towards autonomous shipping.

Mats Rosin, CEO, Finferries, stated that the collaboration is a great chance to show the world how Ship Intelligence Technology provides benefits in the safe and efficient operation of ships. He continued that the maritime industry needs this kind of partnerships in order to achieve a safe and clean shipping and take it to the next level. He supports the notion that the future of the industry is remote and autonomous vessels and that their advantages will benefit the industry.

Finally, AAWA, Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications, is the partnership between Rolls-Royce and Tampere University of Technology, Finland, that focuses on advanced autonomous shipping and provides a strategic partnership that enables the first generation of autonomous ships.