When examined as part of the Administrator’s marine safety investigation, it was determined that the welds for all three of the brackets that were attached to the main platform had failed. Heavy corrosion was observed on the main platform where all three brackets attached. The ship’s crew reported that the corrosion was not visible prior to the extension falling. It also appeared that the welds lacked full penetration,

...RMI said in a marine Safety Advisory.

The Administrator recommends that ship managers:

  • Inspect the maintenance platforms for cranes fitted on-board the ships in their managed fleet to determine if they include any portion that is supported by brackets. If they do, ship managers should ensure that:
  1. the connections are inspected to determine if they show any indication of damage or deterioration (ship’s staff should be aware that damaged welds or rust might be obscured by paint);
  2. any potential damage or deterioration is reported and corrected as soon as possible;
  3. if only brackets are used to connect any part of the maintenance platform to the crane, to consult with the crane manufacturer regarding recommendations for reinforcing the connection and to make the required modifications as soon as possible;
  4. ship’s staff do not use the platform until any required modifications or repairs are completed; and
  5. the maintenance and inspection procedures for shipboard cranes are reviewed and, if necessary, revised to ensure that the connections are subject to regular inspections.
  • Review and, if necessary, revise the safe work procedures in their Safety Management System to ensure that as part of the pre-task planning for any work aloft, near, or over the ship’s side include the identification of appropriate strong points for attaching safety lines or fall arresters.

The Administrator also recommends that Recognized Organizations take note of the information provided in this Advisory.

This advisory comes only a few days after RMI informed of two recent enclosed space entry deaths onboard an RMI-registered bulk carrier.


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