Ship inspections

A total of 3,207 inspections were performed in 2019. The inspection figure showed an approximate decrease of 0.22% as compared to the 2018 figure of 3,214.


Ship deficiencies

In 2019, a total of 2713 deficiencies were reported from 800 inspections with deficiencies.

A 22.78% increase in comparison to 2095 inspections reported in 2018.

Safety of Navigation had the highest number of deficiencies with 396 followed by Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery (266) and Fire Safety (232).

Ship detentions

In 2019, Riyadh MoU region has also witnessed an increase of 39.13% in the number of inspections by detention from 28 in 2018 to 46 vessels in 2019.


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