According to the notice, shipowners are responsible for making sure that seafarers have occupational health protection and live, work, and train on board vessels in a safe and hygienic environment.

As for seafarers under the age of 18, there are specific measures that need to taken in order to create the necessary work environment. These are the following:

  • The Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Programs (SOHSP) must address the safety and health of young seafarers and limit dangerous work for those under 18 years old;
  • It is not allowed to engage a seafarer under 18 years old in employment or work that is considered dangerous;
  • Dangerous activities must be established by the shipowner or ship operator while developing the SOHSP;
  • Before employment, a seafarer under 18 years old must go through an assessment for their competency to perform tasks or jobs. They should also receive an explanation for all procedures and safe working practices in a 'walk-through'. Pre-job training is necessary if they do not have or cannot present the required competencies;
  • Young seafarers must also be given age-appropriate information about accident prevention and health protection on board ships. This should include the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs, potentially harmful substance abuse, HIV-AIDS protection and prevention, and other health-related activities, including harassment and bullying;
  • Instruction courses, written materials, professional instruction, and supervision are some of the recommended means to ensure health and safety information to young seafarers.