Namely, the following arrangements now apply:

  • Before applying for or renewing their SBM registration the company must make sure they are accredited by a recognised organisation, according to IACS document Z17 - Procedural Requirements for Service Suppliers (IACS Req.1997/Rev.8 2008), and be able to provide copies of the relevant documentation;
  • To become a registered GMDSS SBM the applicant must complete a Self Certification Form, and meet the criteria set out in Annex’s 1 & 2;
  • ISO9000 accreditation and/or Original Equipment Manufacturer/main agent (OEM) accreditation aims to ensure that the SBM provider manages the operation according to written procedures and may be audited by a third party under the scope of registration;
  • When a UK vessel has SBM provided by a non-UK company, the Maritime Administration of the state in which the company is based is responsible for the quality control of the provider;
  • Companies that want to apply to be recognised as UK GMDSS Shore-Based Maintainers must ensure their compliance with the requirements at 2.1 and at Annexes 1 to 4. Registration will last for a period of five years and may be renewed by submitting another application form;
  • When conducting a successful registration, companies may incorporate the 'MCA registered GMDSS ShoreBased Maintainer' in their documentation. However, they must on no account use the MCA logo or phrases to the effect of 'MCA approved'.


In addition, the company's literature that is dedicated to operational procedures regarding the SBM service provided must indicate that certain requirements are met and include related information, as the following 12 criteria mention:

  1. The company operates a quality control system to either the requirements of ISO 9000 (or equivalent) or is audited and approved by a GMDSS manufacturer or their UK – based main Distributor;
  2. Service staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide technical advice and arrange immediate service;
  3. Service staff have access to suitable repair and maintenance facilities and sufficient tools and test equipment (calibrated if appropriate) to undertake SBM duties;
  4. Service staff have a full understanding of relevant rules, regulations, codes and guidelines related to SBM activities;
  5. The SBM provider takes all reasonable steps to ensure that attending engineers are competent to carry out the work required;
  6. One of the SBM-provider staff is nominated as being responsible overall for the company’s shore-based maintenance activities;
  7. A continuing training programme concerning new developments and techniques are provided for all personnel involved in shore-based maintenance;
  8. Access is provided to a full set of technical manuals to cover the equipment under contract;
  9. Access is available to service exchange units, spare parts and the latest software versions and updates as advised by the manufacturer;
  10. Appropriate records of repair and maintenance are kept and available for inspection by the Administration as may be required;
  11. The company has original verification certificates, renewed annually, showing the existence of current SBM agreements, copies of which to be provided to ships to be kept with ships papers or displayed at the main radio installation.
  12. Make available to the Administration, when requested, the dates of commencement and termination of SBM contracts.



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