Safety Reports

Date Issued By Title Article PDF
04/2020 ABS Response measures to COVID-19 for the marine and offshore industries pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 One Earth Future Stable Seas: Gulf of Guinea pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 CHIRP Focus on seafarer wellbeing during COVID-19 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 CHIRP Trapped by COVID – highlighting the plight of seafarers onboard vessels pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 OCIMF Static Towing Assembly Guidelines pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robber against Ships in Asia: 1st Quater Report pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 ICS COVD-19: Managing Ship and Seafarer Certificates during the pandemic pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 IMB Piracy Reporting Centre Piracy & Armed Robber Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 GAO USCG Guidance to address emergency preparedness pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 INTERTANKO Outbreak Management Plan: COVID-19 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 USCG PSC Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 IAPH IAPH-WPSP Port Economic Impact Barometer pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 USCG USCG PSC Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 UK MAIB Safety Digest 2020/01 pdf-icon-50x50
03/2020 BIMCO, CLIA & other Key Industry Associations BPM West Africa pdf-icon-50x50
02/2020 UNCTAD Digitalizing the port call process pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 IACS Blue Book and Green Book for 2020 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 The Institution of Engineering and Technology Cyber Security for ports and port systems pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) Interface Standard for Track and Trace pdf-icon-50x50


01/2020 Mission to Seafarers Seafarers Happiness Index 2019Q4 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 UK P&I Club, TT Club Book it right and pack it tight pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 CINS Guidelines for the carriage of Seed Cake in containers pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 North P&I Club Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 ICS Avoid age discrimination onboard ships pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery in Asia Annual Report 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 UK P&I Club Supporting crew suffering from Back Pain pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 IMCA IMCA Safety Flash 01/20 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 ICC – IMB Piracy IMB Annual Piracy Report (2019) pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 Intertanko Security Considerations for Tanker Operators in the Gulf of Guinea pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 DNV GL Li-ion Battery Explosion Risk and Fire Suppression pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 WEF Global Gender Gap Report 2020 pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 ABS, the American Club, and Lamar University Maritime slips, trips, falls and lifting injuries pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 USCG Righting the ship pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 North P&I Club Preparing for PSC guidance pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 USCG Introduction to Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 USCG GMDSS Guide for CH marine inspectors and OSC examiners pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 UK P&I Supporting crew suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 EU/enisa Port Cybersecurity pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 UK MCA Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 ABS Data quality for marine and offshore application pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 IUMI IUMI Stats 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 The Mission to Seafarers Seafarers Happiness Index Quarter 3 / 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 Cardiff University Seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 EMSA Annual overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery against ships in Asia pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 Maritime UK Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) UK Industry Conduct Principles and Code of Practice pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC) 5G Smart Port White Paper pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 ITF Seafarers’ Trust & Yale University Seafarer Mental Health Study pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 Swedish Club Navigational Claims pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 EMSA The World Merchant Fleet in 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 World Bank World Development Report 2020 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 CINS Safety Considerations for Ship Operators Related to Risk‐Based Stowage of Dangerous Goods on Containerships pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 ABS Certification of Container Securing System September 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 Japan P&I Club A Psychological Approach to Safety Behaviour pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 TT Club Information Paper-Collision Prevention at Ports & Terminals pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 ABS Shuttle Tanker Advisory pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 Australian Hydrographic Office Mariner’s Handbook for Australian Waters pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 IMB Piracy Reporting Centre Request Piracy & Armed Robbery Report pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia 3rd quarter report pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 ISWAN, Shipowners’ Club Fit on board pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 ESCA Strategic priorities for EU shipping policy 2019–2024 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 Global Maritime Forum Global Maritime issues monitor 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 CSSF Guide to Safe Container Ship Operations pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 US NTSB Safer Seas Digest 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 Standard Club A master’s guide to Fire Safety on Ferries pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 Solent University Key benefits of assigning stable or fluid crews within the Merchant Shipping Industry pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 UN Sustainable Development Goals 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 Inmarsat Trade 2.0: How Startups are driving the next generation of maritime trade pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 CHIRP Maritime Making Critical Decisions at Sea pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 IMarEST Autonomous Shipping: Putting the human back in the headlines pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 EMSA Seafarers statistics in the EU pdf-icon-50x50
08/2019 USCG 2018 Recreational Boating Statistics Report pdf-icon-50x50
08/2019 ReCAAP ISC Special Report on Incidents Involving Tug Boats and Barges in the Singapore Strait pdf-icon-50x50
08/2019 UK P&I Autonomous shipping – Revolution by evolution pdf-icon-50x50
08/2019 Mission to seafarers Seafarers Happiness Index Quarter 2 / 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
08/2019 World Trade Organisation World Trade Statistical Review 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 ClassNK Port State Control Annual report pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 Black Sea MoU Report of the 2018 CIC on MARPOL ANNEX VI pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 SIGTTO Recommendations for Management of Cargo Alarm Systems pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 ICC, IMB Piracy Reporting Centre Request Piracy & Armed Robbery Report pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 ISWAN Training onboard pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 Baltic Exchange, China Economic Information Centre Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Centre Development Index report 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 UK MAIB MAIB 2019 Annual report pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 ReCAAP Piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia: Jan-Jun 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 USCG Towing Vessel COI Inspections under TSMS Option pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 BIMCO, ICS, INTERTANKO, OCIMF Reporting Guidance for vessels `transiting the Arabian Gulf, Straits of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 ISWAN Improving hydration onboard pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 BSI, SCREEN, TT CLUB Cargo Theft Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 ReCAAP Guidance on Abduction of Crew in the Sulu-Celebes Seas and Waters off Eastern Sabah pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 One Earth Future, Secure Fisheries, UNODC Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean: Perceived threats, impacts and solutions pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Paris MoU Port State Control Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 MarTID 2019 Training Practices Report pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 ABS Guide for 'Enhanced Shaft Alignment' pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 One Earth Future and Stable Seas 2018 State of Maritime Piracy pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Paris MoU Performance list for 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 ICS Annual Review 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Human Rights at Sea Flag States and Human rights as Sea pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Mission to Seafarers & Shipowners P&I Club Seafarers Happiness Index, Q1 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Allianz Safety and shipping review 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Hamburg Port Authority & IAPH Autonomous vehicles’ impact on port infrastructure requirements pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 CHIRP Maritime Feedback 55 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Black Sea MoU Port State Control in the BS Region pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 Tokyo MoU Annual report in Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific region 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 USCG Port State Control in the United States – Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 Indian Ocean MoU Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2109 UK P&I Club Eliminating shipboard bullying and harassment pdf-icon-50x50
05/2109 Viva del Mar MoU Annual Report on Port State Control pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 Japan P&I Club Marine Weather Ship Handling in Rough Sea pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 The Swedish Club Wet Damage on Bulk Carriers pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 USCG Flag State Control in the United States – 2018 Domestic Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50

Environmental Reports

Date Issued By Title Article PDF
04/2020 Arctic Council Guideline for Arctic Marine Risk Assessment pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 GAO A strategic approach to improve leadership in the Arctic pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 Guidehouse Gas decarbonization pathways 2020-2050 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2020 LR/ UMAS Tecnho-economic assessment of zero carbon fuels pdf-icon-50x50
03/2020 Rystad COVID-19: Scenarios and impact on global energy markets pdf-icon-50x50
03/2020 ICCT Could Hydrogen replace fossil fuels? pdf-icon-50x50
02/2020 Society for Gas as Marine Fuel Gas as a marine fuel pdf-icon-50x50
02/2020 Shell Shell LNG Outlook 2020 pdf-icon-50x50
02/2020 UK Royal Society Ammonia: zero carbon fertilizer, fuel and energy storage pdf-icon-50x50
02/2020 ICCT Limiting engine power to reduce CO2 from existing ships pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) The climate implications of using LNG as a marine fuel pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 IRENA Ten years of Action pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 Lubrizol Corporation The VLSFO challenge: looking deeper for lubricant performance pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 ABS Ballast Water Management Advisory pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 Climate Action Summit Report of the Secretary General on the 2019 Climate Action Summit and the way forward in 2020 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2020 PwC Creating a strategy for a better world pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 UK P&I Club Risk Focus: Safe LNG Bunkering Operations pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 CE Delft The impacts of EGCS washwater discharges on port water and sediment pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 UN Global Compact Accenture Strategy 2019 CEO Study – The Decade to Deliver: A Call to Business Action pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 SEA/LNG LNG as a marine fuel – the investment opportunity pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 NOAA Arctic Report Card 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) The Role of Sustainable Biofuels in the Decarbonisation of Shipping pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 TISS Working, living, occupational health and safety conditions of workers in ship breaking yards in Alang-Sosiya, Gujarat, India pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 The North Club Know your fuel: Quick guidance on VLSFOs for seagoing engineers pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 Future Earth 10 new insights in climate science 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
12/2019 Ocean Panel The expected impacts of climate change on the ocean economy pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 IGU Global Gas Report 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 OPEC World Oil Outlook (WOO) for 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 ICS, OCIMF Guidelines for the Development of a Polar Water Operational Manual pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 EPSC Clean Transport at Sea pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 ABS Ballast water treatment November 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 China MSA Implementation plan of 2020 global sulphur limit pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 ABS LNG cargo ready vessels pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 IEA World Energy Outlook 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 CIMAC Marine fuel handling in connection to stability and compatibility pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 Intertanko Guidance on Records for the Cleaning of Fuel Oil Tanks (de-mucking) and Cargo Tanks of Bunker Barges pdf-icon-50x50
11/2019 UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 WLPGA LPG Bunkering: Guide for LPG Marine Fuel Supply pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 ESPO Environmental Report 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 Shell Marine IMO 2020 ready pdf-icon-50x50
10/2019 IRENA Navigating the way to a renewable future: Solutions to decarbonize shipping pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 ClassNK Precautions concerning change-over to 0.50% sulphur compliant fuel oils pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 American Club Bunkering - A Compendium pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 IPCC The Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 OCIMF Guidelines on the Marine Assessment of F(P)SOs pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 DNV GL Comparison of Alternative Marine Fuels pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 North P&I Club Ballast Water Management pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 DNV GL Energy Transition Outlook for 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 ABS Guide for exhaust emission abatement- April 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2019 UK P&I Club IMO Ballast Water Management Convention 2004- USCG Ballast Water Management Regulations pdf-icon-50x50
08/2019 MPA Singapore, SGX, GCNS, ISCA, Ernst & Young LLP, KPMG & PwC Singapore Maritime Sustainability reporting guide pdf-icon-50x50
08/2019 ARA, Concawe, CIMAC, IACS, IBIA, ipieca, IMAREST, IUMI, JPCC, OCIMF, The Royal Institute of Naval Architects The supply and use of 0.50% -sulphur marine fuel pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 ICS Compliance with the 2020 ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 Singapore Shipping Association IMO Sulphur Limit 2020 guidance pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 UNCTAD Mapping the impact of illicit trade on the sustainable development goals pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 North P&I Club 2020 Vision: Option 3: Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems 2020 Vision pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 North P&I Club 2020 Vision: Option 2: Compliant VLSFO Products pdf-icon-50x50
07/2019 North P&I Club 2020 Vision: Option 1: Compliant Distillate Fuels pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 CDP A Sea Change pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 ABS Advisory on Gas and Other Low Flashpoint Fuels pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 IVL – Swedish Environmental Research Institute Scrubbers: Closing the loop pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 European Commission 5th Version of European List of ship recycling facilities pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Wartsila The path towards a 100% renewable energy future pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 European Commission The EU Blue Economy report, 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 WWF Stop the flood of plastic – How Mediterranean countries can save their sea pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 BP BP Statistical Review of World Energy pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 MPA Singapore Guidelines for preventing pollution during bunkering operations pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 MPA Singapore IMO 2020 – A guide for ships calling to Port of Singapore pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 MPA Singapore IMO 2020 – A guide for Singapore registered ships pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 ESPO Priorities for European ports 2019-2024 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 IMarEST & Cefas Steering towards an industry-level response to marine plastic pollution pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 EDF Sailing on Solar: Could green ammonia decarbonise international shipping? pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 ITOPF Handbook – Types of oil spills pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 ABS Air Lubrication Technology pdf-icon-50x50