Safety Reports

Date Issued By Title Article PDF
06/2019 Paris MoU Port State Control Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 MarTID 2019 Training Practices Report pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 ABS Guide for 'Enhanced Shaft Alignment' pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 One Earth Future and Stable Seas 2018 State of Maritime Piracy pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Paris MoU Performance list for 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 ICS Annual Review 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Human Rights at Sea Flag States and Human rights as Sea pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Mission to Seafarers & Shipowners P&I Club Seafarers Happiness Index, Q1 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Allianz Safety and shipping review 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Hamburg Port Authority & IAPH Autonomous vehicles’ impact on port infrastructure requirements pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 CHIRP Maritime Feedback 55 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Black Sea MoU Port State Control in the BS Region pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 Tokyo MoU Annual report in Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific region 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 USCG Port State Control in the United States – Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 Indian Ocean MoU Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2109 UK P&I Club Eliminating shipboard bullying and harassment pdf-icon-50x50
05/2109 Viva del Mar MoU Annual Report on Port State Control pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 Japan P&I Club Marine Weather Ship Handling in Rough Sea pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 The Swedish Club Wet Damage on Bulk Carriers pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 USCG Flag State Control in the United States – 2018 Domestic Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 INTERCARGO Bulk Carrier Casualty Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 IACS Annual review 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 USCG Domestic Annual report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 IOMOU PSC Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia for Q12019 (Jan-Mar) pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 DNV GL & Menon Economics The Leading Maritime Capitals 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 IMB Piracy Reporting Centre Piracy report (2019Q1) pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 ISWAN, ITF, ICS, ICMA & InterManager Arrested and Detained Vessels, and Abandoned Seafarers pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 AMSA PSC Annual Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Maritime outlook report 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 Stable Seas Threats from Below: Undersea fiber-optic cable criticality pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 UK MAIB Safety Digest – Lessons Learned from Marine Accident reports 1/2019 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 IG of P&I Clubs International Group FAQS on MLC pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 USCG & RAND Corporation Improving Gender diversity in the US Coast Guard pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 AlixPartners 2019 Global Container Shipping Outlook pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 OCIMF Ship Security – Hull Vulnerability Study pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 ABS Guidance: Notes on the use of remote inspection technologies pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 UK P&I Club Risk Focus: Burns pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 AMSA Maritime Safety Awareness bulletin, Shaping shipping for people pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 ICS Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table 2018/2019 pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 Bureau Veritas, TMC Marine & London P&I Club Operational guidance for preventing reoccurences pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 IACS Blue Book pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 IACS Green Book pdf-icon-50x50
03/2019 UK P&I and TT Club Risk Focus: Temperature controlled cargo pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 North P&I Club Bulk Cargo Liquefaction, The Can Test pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 Global Maritime Forum Breaking New Ground pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 Danish Ministry of Industry, Business & Financial Affairs The cyber threat against the Danish maritime sector pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 UK Department of Transport Maritime 2050 Call for Evidence pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 Apostleship of the Sea Life at Sea report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 McKinsey Global Institute Globalisation in transition: The future of trade and value chains pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 ReCAAP ISC Insights of incidents by location using data analytics pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 OCIMF Deck Cargo Management: Onboard offshore vessels pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 BIMCO BIMCO’s drybulk terminals vetting report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 AGCS Top business risks for 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 World Maritime University Transport 2040: Automation, Technology, Employment - The Future of Work pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 ReCAAP ISC Annual report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 Stable Seas Somali Waters pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 OCIMF Transfer of personnel by crane between vessels pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 Eurasia Group Top risk 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 The Swedish Club Dealing with engine room fires pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 HRAS Seafarers’ abandonment in the UAE pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 Danish Ship Finance, Rainmaking Next Generation Maritime Trends pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 UNCTAD 2018 Handbook of Statistics pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 BIMCO & other industry associations The guidelines on Cyber Security onboard ships (3rd edition) pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 USCG Flag State Control in the United States pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 CLIA 2019 cruise trends & industry outlook pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 Equasis The World Merchant Fleet in 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 OCIMF Marine Terminal Information Booklet pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 ITF Fatigue among Panama Canal, Canal tugboat captains pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 RECAAP Piracy and Armed Robbery Against ships in Asia pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 OCIMF Sharing Lessons Learned from Incidents pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 OCIMF Behavioral Competency Assessment and Verification for Vessel Operators pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 OCIMF A guide to best practice for Navigational Assessments and Audits pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 CMTS The 2017 Hurricane Season: Recommendations for a Resilient Path Forward for the Marine Transportation System pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 ITF The Impact of Alliances in Container Shipping pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 ABS Guidance on smart function implementation pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 USCG MSC GEN 05 - Stability Test Procedures pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 NTSB Safer Seas Digest pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 ISWAN, ICS, InterManager Good Practice Guide for Shipping Companies & Manning Agents working with situations involving missing seafarers pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 The Nautical Institute Seeing the world by all available mean pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 Maritime UK Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships UK Code of Practice pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 EMSA Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 WTO Can Blockchain revolutionize international trade? pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 ICC, Clyde & Co The legal status of electronic bills of lading pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 The Shipowners Club Drugs and Alcohol at Sea pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 ICS, ITS Guidelines for implementing the Welfare aspects of MLC,2006 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 Standard Club A master’s guide to the Carriage of Steel Cargo pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 Global Maritime Forum Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 OCIMF, CDI Linked Ship Shore Emergency Shutdown Systems for Oil and Chemical Transfers pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 HSBA Seafarers and digital disruption pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Recommended procedures for software maintenance of computer based systems onboard pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Recommendation concerning manual / local control capabilities for software dependent machinery systems pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Contingency plan for onboard computer based systems pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Network Architecture pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Data assurance pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Network security of onboard computer based systems pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Integration pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Inventory List of computer based systems pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 IACS Remote Update / Access pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 Moore Stephens Future operating costs report pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 BIMCO Inspection Regime on Paris MoU pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 DNV GL, Menon Economics The Leading Maritime Nations of the World 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 President of the US National Cyber Strategy of the USA pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 Japan Club Dragging Anchor - Case Studies and Preventive Measures pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 WEF Trade Tech – A New Age for Trade and Supply Chain Finance pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 LR Insight report on safety in the passenger ferry industry pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 IMarEST Autonomous Shipping: Putting the human back in the headlines pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 BPA Automation of Ships in Ports and Harbours pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 The Mission to Seafarers Seafarers Happiness Index Quarter 2 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 Moore Stephens Shipping Risk Survey 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 USCG U.S. Coast Guard - American Waterways Operators Annual Safety Report pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 IACS A Guide to Managing Maintenance in accordance with the requirements of the ISM Code pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 IACS Bulk Carriers - Guidance and Information on Bulk Cargo Loading and Discharging to Reduce the Likelihood of Over-stressing the Hull Structure pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 Cefor 2018 Hull Trends pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 UK Club Crew Health Advice pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 UK Department of Transport UK Port Freight Statistics: 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 The Seamen’s Church Institute 2018 Shore Leave Survey: Summary pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 AMSA, University of Queensland and University of Western Australia Assessing the determinants and consequences of safety culture in the maritime industry pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 American Club Safety Management Systems pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 Maritime NZ Fatigue in Commercial Fishing- 2018 Survey results pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Health and Safety Working Group of the NSOAF Summary report multinational audit – Maintaining Safe Operations pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Paris MoU Report of the 2017 CIC on Safety of Navigation, including ECDIS pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 MACN Nigeria Collective Action MACN Impact Report pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 OCIMF Guidelines to harden vessels pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Human Rights at Sea, University of Bristol Human Rights Implementation Centre Flag States and Human Rights pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Shipowners Club - ISWAN Managing Stress and Sleeping Well at Sea pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 IMB Piracy Reporting Centre Piracy & Armed Robbery Report pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 EMSA Seafarer Statistics in the EU pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Allianz Safety and Shipping Review 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 ReCAAP ISC Half-yearly report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Baltic Exchange and Xinhua news agency International Shipping Centre Development Index (ISCD) 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Paris MoU PSC Annual Report 2017 pdf-icon-50x50

Environmental Reports

Date Issued By Title Article PDF
06/2019 CDP A Sea Change pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 ABS Advisory on Gas and Other Low Flashpoint Fuels pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 IVL – Swedish Environmental Research Institute Scrubbers: Closing the loop pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 European Commission 5th Version of European List of ship recycling facilities pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 Wartsila The path towards a 100% renewable energy future pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 European Commission The EU Blue Economy report, 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 WWF Stop the flood of plastic – How Mediterranean countries can save their sea pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 BP BP Statistical Review of World Energy pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 MPA Singapore Guidelines for preventing pollution during bunkering operations pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 MPA Singapore IMO 2020 – A guide for ships calling to Port of Singapore pdf-icon-50x50
06/2019 MPA Singapore IMO 2020 – A guide for Singapore registered ships pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 ESPO Priorities for European ports 2019-2024 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 IMarEST & Cefas Steering towards an industry-level response to marine plastic pollution pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 EDF Sailing on Solar: Could green ammonia decarbonise international shipping? pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 ITOPF Handbook – Types of oil spills pdf-icon-50x50
05/2019 ABS Air Lubrication Technology pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 USCG Arctic Strategic Outlook pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 BIMCO Report on the European List of Ship Recycling Facilities pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 HELCOM Alternative fuels for shipping in the Baltic Sea region pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 DNV GL The LNG era takes shape pdf-icon-50x50
04/2019 ABS 2019 Best Practices for Operations of BWMS pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 Intertanko Guide to New Zealand’s Biofouling and Ballast Water Requirements pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 Swedish Club Sulphur Guide: Dealing with the Sulphur Cap 2020 and beyond pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 OCIMF Dynamic Torsion load tests for offshore hoses pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 CE Delf Update of maritime greenhouse gas emission projections pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 BP BP Energy Outlook 2019 Edition pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 DNV GL & Carnival Corporation Compilation and Assessment of Lab Samples from EGCS Washwater Discharge on Carnival ships pdf-icon-50x50
02/2019 Shell Shell LNG Outlook 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 LR & UMAS Zero-emission vessels: Transition Pathways pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 Sustainable Gas Institute Can natural gas reduce emissions from transport? pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 EIA Annual Energy Outlook 2019 with projections to 2050 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 World Bank Group Understanding the Economic Impacts of GHG Mitigation Policies on Shipping pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 OCIMF Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Cargo systems on Oil tankers pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 SEA/LNG LNG as a marine fuel/The investment opportunity pdf-icon-50x50
01/2019 WEF The Global Risks Report 2019 pdf-icon-50x50
12/2018 Finnish Transport Agency Finland´s Winter Navigation pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 International Energy Agency World Energy Outlook 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 Transport & Environment Roadmap to decarbonizing European shipping pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 Ministry of Defence Global Strategic Trends - The Future Starts Today pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 The London P&I Club Carriage of Coal Gas Monitoring and Ventilation pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 European Commission Study on the Economic Benefits of MPAs and SPMs pdf-icon-50x50
11/2018 UN Environment Programme Emissions Gap Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 Standard P&I Club A guide to key offshore jurisdictions pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 Global Climate Action Summit Exponential Climate Action Roadmap pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 ESPO ESPO Environmental Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 GloMEEP Project Port Emissions Toolkit Guide No.1: Assessment of port emissions pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 GloMEEP Project Port Emissions Toolkit Guide No.2: Development of port emissions reduction strategies pdf-icon-50x50
10/2018 GloMEEP Project Ship Emissions Toolkit. Guide No.1: Rapid assessment of ship emissions in the national context pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 DNV GL Mapping ocean governance and regulation pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 Transport & Environment EU-listed yards can handle the recycling demand of EU-flagged ships pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 DNV GL Global Sulphur Cap 2020 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 ICS Compliance with the 2020 ‘Global Sulphur Cap’ pdf-icon-50x50
09/2018 DNV GL Energy Transition Outlook pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 Port of Long Beach Air Emissions Inventory 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 IUMI IUMI Position Paper - Arctic sailings pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 Port of LA Inventory of Air Emissions 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
08/2018 Clean Cargo Working Group (Clean Cargo) 2017 Global Maritime Trade Lane Emissions Factors pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Bureau Veritas Classification of Floating Storage Regasification Units and Floating Storage Units pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 Bureau Veritas LNG Carrier Conversion to FSRU or FSU pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 British Antarctic Survey, Norwegian Polar Institute The State of the Polar Oceans 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 UN Environment Single-use Plastics: A roadmap for Sustainability pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 UK MCA Ballast Water Management FAQ pdf-icon-50x50
07/2018 ICS Reducing CO2 Emissions to Zero pdf-icon-50x50