The concession implies not only investment flows in the port infrastructure, but also an increase of revenues to budgets of different levels for the entire period of effect of the concession agreement. It is important to note that the port remains in public ownership.

...said the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Oleksiy Honcharuk.

With Qterminals being the operator under a certain period of the concession agreement, Port of Olvia will be modernized and its infrastructures will be further developed. Moreover, the port's levels of related navigation and logistics services will meet the best international standards.


For the records, the port was set under concession back in October 2019, as part of Ukraine's efforts to boost its competitiveness and attract investment in its infrastructure. The international investors had until 16 December to apply for the offer.

The concession is not a sale, but a development, an opportunity to attract the best, to meet the challenges of the market, to increase its competitive position through commercial flexibility and investments in the renewal and construction of new assets.

...said the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Vladislav Krykliy.

Concluding, QTerminals is the leading port operator of the State of Qatar and is responsible for managing seaports and transport terminals across the country.