Since the two berths were put into trial operation in late November, "one ship, one proposal" has been implemented for the berthing of ships, and the approval and berthing time is relatively long.

After the formal acceptance of the port, the passage time of ships will be greatly shortened.

The project integrates six global first scientific and technological achievements, such as integrated and innovative hydrogen powered automatic rail crane, 5G + automation technology.

By constantly optimizing the operation process, improving the system functions, and making full use of the advantages of science and technology, Qingdao Port automatic terminal actively creates smart supervision projects with all port units, innovates smart supervision ecological mode, and continuously improves the service capacity and operation efficiency,

...a port statement reads.

The coastline of phase II project is 660m long, including 2 berths, and will increase the port's throughput capacity to 1.7 million TEUs per year, equipped with 9 double trolley quayside bridges, 38 high-speed rail cranes and 45 automatic guided vehicles.