Local media reported, the ports received about 661,331 containers in the first half of 2019, up by 2.% compared to the same period.

In addition, the cruise season was successful, as 100,077 passengers came to Qatar from numerous cruise ships during the first half of the year.


In total, 1828 ships called at Hamad Port, Doha Port and Ruwais Port, with the ports handling 360,644 tonnes of general cargo, 33,537 units of vehicles and 434,982 livestock during this period. These ports also achieved strong performance in June, handling 105,686 containers and 46,764 tonnes of general cargo.

Moreover, Qatari ports handled 110,938 tonnes of building materials in the first quarter, which is a 37% growth, in comparison to the same quarter last year.

As for containers, the ports received 321,345 of them in the first quarter of 2019, marking a 3% grow.

Overall, the ports handled 17,141 units of vehicles and 227,554 tonnes of general cargo in the first quarter. They also handled 235,053 livestock, while 958 ships called the same period.