The aims of the audit was to monitor how the operator is complying with the technical, operational and organisational regulatory requirements for electrical and associated facilities on the Ringhorne facility.


PSA Norway's impression of the areas investigated was primarily positive. The responsible person for the electrical facilities appeared to have been given the necessary framework conditions for performing his role.

Moreover, the company’s work appeared to be targeted and focused on relevant issues. PSA recorded a generally good standard for the installation and equipment in the inspected areas.

However, the company’s follow-up of investigated performance standards appeared to be deficient. PSA registered quality issues in this respect, while certain challenges relating to the follow-up of electrical safety were noted.

Non-conformities were also identified regarding the ignition source control, emergency lighting, CAP panels in the control room and alarm logging station, electrical installations, and work in and operation of electrical facilities.

It also noted improvement points relating to the emergency power system, temporary equipment and testing of the heating cable installation.

PSA Norway has now asked Vår Energi to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed. It has also asked the company for their assessments of the improvement points we observed.

The deadline for feedback is at 4 March 2019.