The contract regards the design of the installation and assembly of LNG regasifier and cryogenic pumps. This investment aims to extend the functionality and technical capabilities of the terminal in Świnoujście.


According to the contract, two additional SCV devices will be installed, that will enable the creation of a regasification capacity of 7.5 billion m3 per year of natural gas.

The Polish government has been implementing the strategy of diversifying sources and directions of natural gas supplies to Poland for 4 years. Expansion of the LNG terminal is considered an important element of Poland's independence from supplies from the East.

The plan to complete the first stage of the expansion is planned to be completed by the end of 2021. The other three stages include the following:

  • Construction of the second quay;
  • Construction of the the third LNG tank;
  • Construction of railway siding for tankers and ISO containers.