From 2015 Ports of Stockholm will apply new environmentally differentiated port fees to encourage shipping companies to take environmental measures that go beyond the legal requirements.

To drive development towards more sustainable shipping, Ports of Stockholm is introducing new environmentally differentiated fees for shipping companies. In conjunction with the new, more stringent sulphur regulations that apply from 1 January 2015 the existing discounts for reduced sulphur levels will no longer apply. For that reason the current system is being revised and new discounts introduced.

“To motivate and encourage our customers to reduce their environmental impact we are introducing new environmental discounts for onshore power supply in port, for LNG vessels, and for reduced nitrogen oxide emissions,” explains Ports of Stockholm Deputy Managing Director Henrik Widerståhl.

Discounts that will apply from 1 January 2015:

  • Ports of Stockholm will offer one million SEK to every vessel that carries out refitting work to enable the vessel to connect to electricity at the quayside. This applies at the quays where Ports of Stockholm is offering onshore power supply and under the condition that connection and service operation takes place over a three-year period. Connecting vessels to shore side electricity reduces noise pollution and emissions to the atmosphere.
  • The port fee for LNG vessels will be discounted by 5 öre per unit of gross tonnage. This means discount of more than one million SEK annually per vessel (operating a daily call service) and can, in combination with the nitrogen oxide discount, give a total rebate of 30 percent per call. LNG vessels emit no sulphur oxide or particles into the atmosphere and emit 85 percent less nitrogen oxide, as well as having reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The discount for reduced emission of nitrogen oxide will be raised and will follow the seven-level scale applied by the Swedish Maritime Administration. For a normal-sized vessel operating daily calls this will mean a discount of between three to four million SEK annually, depending on the amount of nitrogen oxide emitted.


Ports of Stockholm has applied environmentally differentiated port fees since the 1990s with the aim of encouraging shipping companies to improve environmental performance, among other things in the areas of emissions into the atmosphere and in the sorting of waste.

Source and Image Credit: Ports of Stockholm

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