The two parties will establish a stable and mutual cooperation, aiming to develop their ports and port services, infrastructural connectivity policies and port services to foster the commercial flows between Europe, the Mediterranean and the Far East through the two ports.


The memorandum also aims to improve the exchange of best practices and know-how in port management, especially in the fields of information technology, investment attraction and communication. The target is to improve the performance of the two ports, which are key in the international maritime connections along the new Silk Road.

Commenting on the occasion, Captain Fu Chengqiu, CEO of Piraeus Port Authority, stated that the Port of Piraeus is the first deep sea EU port after crossing Suez Canal and offers transport solutions with services for cargoes.

The establishment of our cooperation with the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority is targeting to strengthen the trade links between Asia and Mediterranean and to enhance the role of ports as engines for the European economy

Now, the Piraeus port is planning within the next years to contribute to the growth of the local and regional economy by developing the shipping and maritime industries, including containers, shipyards, logistics, cruise and ferries”.

For his side, Pino Musolino, president of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (Ports of Venice and Chioggia), said that this agreement shows the Ports' aspiration to develop trades. This requires commercial agreements, optimization of services and targeted infrastructure interventions.

What is more, ahead of the Silk Road, the Ports of Venice and Chioggia want to rationalize the logistics chains, beginning from the ports and from the road connections with the inner markets, in order to shorten distances, to lower transports costs, to remove trucks from roads and improve the environmental sustainability of trades.