Specifically, Massoud Polmeh is turning against the US re-imposed sanctions on the Islamic Rebublic for the rejection of ships carrying the Iranian flag at ports.


Moreover, local media noted that Massoud Polmeh opposes to ports that are 'friendly and brother' to Iran, mostly focusing on Russia and China.

During a press conference Polmeh commented that due to the US threats, some foreign insurance companies offer their services just until the commercial ships enter the Iranian waters. This results to approximately the 33% of Iranian ships paying more tarrifs when entering the ports.

Also, the chairman supports that from the minute the US withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, almost 20 international shipping companies have closed down their offices at Iranian ports.

Concluding,  Polmeh noted that U.S. sanctions in tandem with Iranian national currency's steep decrease, 40 % of Iranians employed at ports and shipping related services in the Islamic Republic lost their jobs.