The report is separated into five categories provided by the World Ports Sustainability Program that sorts the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a way that can be applied to Ports. Ports Australia has chosen 13 projects, while it plans to release many more of these projects online.


Partnerships are playing a big role in many of the sustainability projects taking place around the country. What is more, Ports Australia has selected projects to provide a varying section of the breadth and variety of projects.

Before this program, in 2018, Ports Australia became the first national body to be invited to join the World Port Sustainability Program.

Commenting on this development, Ports Australia chief executive Mike Gallacher, explained that Australia’s Ports are economic foundations enabling 98% of the country's physical trade. However, they are also community members and environmental partners.

He also added that for a long time Ports have included sustainability into their business plans and operational practices, but this report, for the first time, has collected, categorized and presented all the efforts that have been made.