Specifically, Italian sources inform that the port worker was the 34-year-old Luca Rizzeri, who was conducting loading and unloading operations in the port of Ancona, while two additional employees were helping the pilot in the maneuver.

During the operations, a cable of synthetic fibre, which had been hooked to the bollard, broke in half; Thus, the port worker who had his back turned was injured at the neck and lost his life.

In light of this fatal incident, Rear - Admiral Enrico Moretti, commented that investigations are being conducted to find out how the cable was cut and resulted to the port worker's death.

Additionally, Admiral Moretti commented

We will investigate thoroughly, in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor's Office, to find out the truth and give us further impetus will be the desire to do justice to a boy who has gone absurdly and leaves a wife and two children.

In the meantime, technical inspections are underway by the Port Authority and Coast Guard.

Admiral Moretti continued that the cable was already knotted to the bollard; so, was it defective or are there responsibilities in those who led the maneuver?

For the time being, the authorities are questioning the crew onboard, which are of Ukrainian and Philippine nationality. The Authorities have also acquired documents and videos of video surveillance, hoping to get information on how the incident happened.

BF Philipp , a 117 meter long container ship built in 1996, is on the Portuguese flag, owned by a Genoese shipowner.