In this context, the Northern Adriatic Sea Port Authority in collaboration with the towing company Rimorchiatori Riuniti Panfido conducted a study regarding the design of an innovative LNG barge, for the distribution of LNG to ship, starting from the Venice LNG terminal.

Furthermore, according to estimations, the demand for LNG in the the Port of Venice will be equal to 873,000 tons per year, and it is expected to be used 73% for road transport, 19.7% for maritime transport, with remaining portion used for port and local services.

The construction of the LNG terminal in Venice has been granted EU finance through the GAINN4MOS project, whose goal is to enhance the Motorways of the Sea network in six of the project member states including Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia.

Furthermore, the project will be financed by Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

"I believe that sustainability and technology are two issues that must always go hand in hand, and this new LNG terminal is a good example of this philosophy. That is why we decided to support the initiative of two private companies with the aim to help promote the use of LNG as alternative fuel, both in the port area and for land transport," said the President of the the Northern Adriatic Sea Port Authority, Pino Musolino.