The increase in expenses is because of the increase in financing for the modernization of environmental facilities. Specifically, the Port improved the water disposal system of the First and Second Port areas, reconstructed sections of the sewage collector, conducted a complex of work on the organization of metering stations in some wastewater releases. The Port of St. Petersburg also increased the cost of maintaining environmental facilities.


In order to improve control over the state of the environment, the port increased the cost of monitoring compliance with air quality standards. In the reporting period, the company performed more frequent air sampling at the sanitary protection zone.

As part of the protection of the port water area of ​​the Gulf of Finland, the Port increased its funding for monitoring the quality of waste and natural waters.

Moreover, from the beginning of 2018, the Sea Port of Saint Petersburg invested RUB 7.3 million as part of its social programme. Over RUB 3.8 million was paid as part of the Collective Agreement with financial compensations and assistance to the employees making the bulk of payments.

More than RUB 2.4 million was taken from the company’s special purpose fund. SP SPb compensated its employees and their families’ expenses for sport, leisure and recreational activities.