The construction of the concrete road is part of the Container Exchange Route project. This project includes the construction and the purchase of terminal systems, the construction and modification of IT systems and logistic agreements on how the transport of containers will be handled in the CER. The project involves an investment amount of € 175 million.


Port of Rotterdam has awarded contract to the consortium KWS Infra B.V. & Van Hattum en Blankevoort B.V. to construct a concrete road outside the industrial parks of the container companies at Maasvlakte. This road comprises:

  • Approx 11.5 km concrete road (new up to the terminal sites);
  • 3 road junctions;
  • 1 level crossing
  • 3 rail viaducts.

The construction of the road will begin in 2018. The CER is expto be fully completed and operational by the end of 2020.