The shipwreck is located in the waterway, and was found during dredging work for the new waterway and Botlekhavens. The vessel was a Greek cargo ship that sank there in 1938.

Concerning the new waterway, the port stated that every year more than 15.000 ongoing vessels voyage through the area. Yet, the water is too shallow for larger vessels.

Therefore, Rijkswaterstaat and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have joined forces to deepen the new Waterway and the Botlek.


By the deepening of the area, the port will have an easier accessibility, concerning larger vessels, and will gain a sustainable development.

The wrecked SS Chryssi is approximately 15.50 meters, but the channel must reach a depth of 16.20 meters.

Making the Botlek more accessible for ships with a greater draft increases the economic possibilities and strengthens the position of the port. Aframax and the new Panamax ships can reach the Botlekhavens by deepening the channel.

Rijkswaterstaat employed W. Smit, a diving and commissioning company, to salvage the wrecked vessel. The company will move the shipwreck piece by piece with a wreck grab until the correct depth of the waterway is reached.

The shipwreck is located at the Poortershaven near Maassluis. Originally the wreck was a few hundred meters away. It has probably been moved by the flow.