In fact, Port of Piraeus will implement an intelligent IT system from INFORM Vehicle Logistics that is designed to enable end-to-end transparency of all processes in the supply chain.

What is more, the system will allow the port to manage effectively use available resources and to continuously improve their processes within the operations.

In ligh of the situation, Hartmut Haubrich, Director Vehicle Logistics Systems at INFORM, commented:

In the case of PPA, we will automatically generate work orders and optimize the work orders in real-time to ensure that operations are smooth and target dates are met efficiently. In this way, we will increase the service capacity of the terminal, but also the availability and intelligent allocation of storage spaces.

Through the use of the IT system, customers, suppliers, 3PL and customs authorities will be able to track via a web portal where and when a car has been delivered.

In addition, the algorithms of this system are capable of optimizing the operational processes in the compounds through real-time decisions and advanced planning.

Therefore, the system goals to give PPA the advantage of improving its offered services and the flexibility of planning new business processes.

Under this new cooperation, PPA targets to increase its Car Terminal’s efficiency and competiveness and to make it more attractive for its customers. We believe that the vehicle logistics system of INFORM can guarantee the successful digital transformation of PPA Car terminal.

...PPA BoD Chairman Mr. Yu Zenggang concluded.