The new environmental boat will replace the old port environmental boat, which during the course of 30 years has picked up about 1,500 tons of rubbish in the harbor.


The new electric boat will help keep the harbor clean, without polluting the air and reducing gas emissions. What is more, it will provide a safe fairway for all ships and small boats that travel in the fjord, according to Port Director Ingvar M. Mathisen.

The zero emission boat will be 12 meters long and 7.5 meters wide, while with a hydraulic front loading basket (in the bow) it can pick up trash from the water surface more effectively.

The boat will also have two cranes. A deck crane with gripping function on one side, and a deck crane to lift heavier objects on the other side. In addition, it will be powered by two electric propulsion engines and four electric side propellers, which enable it to easily maneuver along the quays and pick up trash in narrow areas with low accessibility.

Furthermore, 550kw batteries allow the boat to be in full working mode for four to five hours. It takes two hours to charge the batteries, while solar panels will provide power to the navigation instrumentation on board.

Moreover, today the Port of Oslo use biofuels on its vehicles, reducing its annual CO2 emissions by 150 tons a year, making the transport in the Port regarded as zero emission.