Built by Maryland-based Chesapeake Shipbuilding, the vessel was completed three weeks ahead of schedule, giving the vessel extra time to prepare for her maiden commercial voyage.

In addition to 2019’s new American Harmony, American Cruise Lines introduced their modern series flagship, American Song on the Mississippi in 2018.

The company also plans to introduce their 3rd modern riverboat, American Jazz, on the Mississippi in 2020.

American Harmony is the Line’s 3rd Mississippi riverboat and 11th new ship. The company currently operates 11 small ships across the country, visiting over 25 states.

New Orleans is significant in the history of American-built ships on the Mississippi River. As paddlewheeler named the New Orleans, one of the very first American steamboats, was the first steamboat to make the historic Mississippi River voyage from Pittsburgh, PA to New Orleans, LA in 1811.